This Is THE MOST FUN Bowling Ball I Have Ever Thrown! Storm Proton Physix Ball Review!

The Storm Proton Physix is not a new bowling ball but it is new to me and WOW is this ball fun to throw! I seriously can't remember a ball that I had this much a good time with!

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21 Comments on “This Is THE MOST FUN Bowling Ball I Have Ever Thrown! Storm Proton Physix Ball Review!”

  1. Thinking about pre-ordering the roto grip gem to be my big strong ball on fresher patterns.. I don’t have an asymmetric of any kind at the moment, and also need to fill the spot at the top of the bag so to speak.. the Gem looks like it’ll be a good one, anyone else excited for it?

    1. Iโ€™m sooooooo excited for it!! Iโ€™m being told that the Gem is really close to the proton. I donโ€™t know if itโ€™s close like weaker or close but stronger? Either way, the fact that itโ€™s being mentioned next to a Proton is music to my ears! Iโ€™ll definitely be comparing the two!

    2. @Luis Napoles I think it’ll be really close just slightly different shape. I think the Gem will be more rounded compared to the Proton

  2. The 8-pin says it wants less theatrics lol! But seriously would love to see this compared to the Reality and the Nova. Used to have a Proton but I like the shape of the Reality more so I switched

  3. I love my proton, Iโ€™m speed dominate and have struggled with getting a ball to hook. Started throwing the proton and my average jumped 20+ pins. I can throw it up 10 with great success. I just got back into bowling a few months ago but I feel like this ball was built for me, I think as I get more revs Iโ€™ll be able to move left and still have great luck with the proton. I was using an axiom but really had to focus on slowing down and getting out of the ball and following through to get good ball motion, it just comes more natural with the proton.

  4. i love how you can see the ball picking up more and more laneshine as the video goes on.. ๐Ÿ˜€
    But yeah thats a great heavy oil ball right there.. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. Hey curious cause i just picked up the Rubicon original one for next to nothing cause my buddy didnt like his

    How would u say it compares to the reality?

  6. Ball would have 0 play time at my lanes. I often struggle to keep hustles on the right side of the pins. Scorched earth.

  7. Never got that ball cause I was afraid it would be too strong and too early for me. Seen people bowl really good with it though

  8. I love my proton I have one pin up and one pin down thatโ€™s my go to for league. Iโ€™m really surprised you havenโ€™t thrown it until now Luis. I prefer the proton over the reality the Nova is a hybrid and not a solid like the proton and reality

  9. You were having so much fun and the theatrics showed it! Keep doing what you doing… this is one of the few balls you didn’t mention that you would change the surface. So you’re good with the out of the box?

  10. Definitely enjoy the theatrics! That’s how it should be when you find a great or “fun” ball! I had a similar reaction to my Reality and Idol Helios (after a little surface).

  11. Took me a few weeks of practice and adjustment to the ball but im in love with it now. Just striking a lot more than my old ball was. Thinking of pairing it with a Zen for a perfect league combo. Strong ASYM and pearl SYM.

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