This Is The Comparison I Didn’t Know I NEEDED!

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I haven't been using my Infinite Physix as much lately and decided to dust it off and compare it to the 900 Global Eternity and WOW!

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42 Comments on “This Is The Comparison I Didn’t Know I NEEDED!”

  1. What up Luis! Great review as always. With all these new balls hitting the market quickly, I’m wondering if your 6 ball arsenal has changed at all. Would love to see your updated arsenal. Great vid again!

  2. When you made the banana comparison, it made me chuckle. After I throw a nice sweeping hook for a strike in league, I always say “look at that banana!”.

  3. Definitely looks like that infinite is a more predictable shape even when you miss. It just doesn’t overreact. The eternity looks like it is a little bit more sensitive to your misses

  4. Liked the video, Luis! Is it fair to say that you are more enthusiastic about the Infinite than you were initially? (My recollection is that you thought it was decent, but probably you weren’t going to replace the Reality with the Infinite Physix back then . . .)

  5. Really liked this video. I had the infinite but ended up selling it to a teammate who wanted really bad but has yet to throw it in league for some unknown reason considering how bad he wanted it. Like I have said in past texts the eternity is one of the balls for summer so holding off till then but enjoy the way it looks going down the lane. Another great video

  6. Looks like a good complement to my infinite but could it be closer to the fate even though it’s a sym? Or is it a but weaker or longer than even that because of the REX cover?

  7. I love the Infinite and have the Gem above it and the Phase II below. Not sure the Eternity would fit in my bag, although i Love the way it looks.

    1. The eternity is going to like angle more than the other ones you mentioned. Most strong asym equipment is going to be somewhat forward, which is hard to make work at deeper angles. It really just depends on your game. For me, I need to have something that allows me to play further left, especially as the lanes start to break down, so the eternity is fantastic. At league on Friday, I used the Reality for the first two games, then swapped into the eternity, and it really did the job well.

  8. Seeing you have so much fun throwing the Proton Physix, I’m surprised I don’t see you throw it more. It’s such a great ball.

  9. How do you think the infinite physix compares to the absolute? Thinking about purchasing the absolute but I have the infinite. Great video!

  10. I noticed a difference in your swing in this video. I can tell you’re focused towards eliminating the hitch like you recently mentioned. You looked more solid and consistent in this clip. Nice job man. Keep working

  11. Dude I love the videos soo amazing. Both balls look fabulous. You must have dedication to buy all these balls though for sure.

  12. I know a host of people have compared the Altered Reality to the Eternity but not with the Luis style we all love . Great video man.

  13. My Infinite Is definitely a round, smooth shape. I hit mine with a 2000 pad and have been letting It lane shine. Like the ball.

  14. I have the infinite and I love it I also have the absolute in my bag for a 1-2 punch but I’m thinking about adding the eternity

  15. I don’t have the eternity, but I do notice the difference in my infinite and my 900 global volatility torque which is the old cover stock before 4K. But I feel like same with that ball I feel like it jumps off the spot and goes through harder then the infinite.

  16. I like the hockey stick shape. My tuesday league has such a terrible oil pattern (no friction) and the people that do best have a smooth hook with lots of spin. I ended up ordering a Reality solid to hopefully get a better first game. The TNT has been great for game 2 and 3. I like starting dull and polishing up better than surfacing a pearl. Thanks for your videos

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