This Is THE Comparison Everyone Has Been Asking For! Storm Summit Storm Phaze 2!

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This is the number one requested comparison from when I posted the review of the Summit! Storm Summit vs Phaze 2

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26 Comments on “This Is THE Comparison Everyone Has Been Asking For! Storm Summit Storm Phaze 2!”

  1. Looks really good! So it’s stronger than the P2, but not as strong as the Reality. This seems to be one of the better balls since the Zen.

  2. Yes yes yes it is the comparison I’ve been waiting for at least! Already preordered my summit and can’t wait to see how it pairs in the bag with my eternity and phaze ll..

  3. I want a Summit for sure. I really would love more videos taking popular balls and changing the surface to see what happens.

  4. Nice video Luis. Don’t let anyone convince you to go two handed. Wow, the summit really hooked up for Chris.πŸ‘πŸ‘ŠβœŒπŸ––

  5. Luis, I did not see the previous video of you throwing 2 handed, are you throwing the same ball or do you one drilled properly for a 2 hander as its drastically different.

  6. Home boy should develop a slide. See he’s wearing a brace. I use to plant and had knee pain after 2 games. Mid 30’s now, and I can bowl 10 games without pain after working on sliding. Now my hip on the other hand….. πŸ˜‚. 6’4″ 260. Bowling wasn’t made for us tall big boys. πŸ˜‚

    1. He’s wearing a brace because he tried to slide and injured his knee. Not everyone needs to slide if you know what you’re doing. I have planted for over 20 years now and I’m 43 with no knee issues. Thanks though

  7. 2 handed game looks decent, your timing seems pretty good, but I think you need to work on taking your 3rd step a little further left so you can clear room for your swing line

  8. I love your vids. You always tell us what board you are aiming at. But you never say what boards your feet are on. I like Chris, because he says where his feet are lined up on, and what board.. Please can you add that into your vids. I bowl more like you, than Chris. And it would be helpful knowing your starting positions. Thanks. And ten back always.

  9. Any thoughts on how it would compare to the Zen Soul? I have never thrown a Phaze II but love my ZS. Have thrown it at 3000 and more recently at 2000 grit CtD. My house is higher friction and I struggle when I go to tournaments at lower friction houses. Wondering if this Summit would be a good fit then even if I have to go to a 2000 on it?

  10. Beef Stu said he felt the summit was up there in the range of a gem/eternity. I really need a new number one, Supernova is just too slow and nothing on my heavy house shot. Comparison with the gem-exotic gem-eternity! Bring it! 😁

  11. Thanks guys for posting this. If you could only get one, what would you pick, paze2 or summit?

  12. I’m moving up to 15 pounds this year I currently have a iq tour solid. Wanna add a summit, duo or maybe even a phaze 2 I’m a slowr speed lower revs player was told summit might he to strong like the storm fate I have and csn barket use cause it hooks way to much for me

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