This Is The BEST Overseas Bowling Ball I Have EVER Thrown! Rst X2 Squad

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I have thrown plenty of overseas bowling balls in my time on YouTube and none of them have taken me by surprise quite like this RST X2 Squad! IMO this is a must have bowling ball to make it to the US market!

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47 Comments on “This Is The BEST Overseas Bowling Ball I Have EVER Thrown! Rst X2 Squad”

  1. Just got one myself too lol. Kinda wished the solid was on the X3 but getting the squad for a solid deal on black Friday might as well!

  2. Your review was awesome!!! Great shot-making for sure!!!! This ball looks like a great ball for Nationals in Reno!!!!

  3. Great jersey! Would love to see your favorite arsenal for overseas balls and your favorite arsenal using any domestic and overseas balls.

  4. I too got one for $149! 2nd time I used it was in league, I shot 299/793. So far, I like my X3 a bit more though.

  5. I was waiting for a review on this ball thank you Luis this ball looks great now question even though it’s expensive, would this be a good ball to add to the bag?

  6. I’ve been into Overseas equipment for quite some time now. It’s just a fun hobby and interesting to get something that’s not offered here. My Lime Idol was a beast, shot a couple 800 in league w that ball right off the press. Currently in my league bag I use a Pure Physix, a Dark Night, and a Black Idol Pearl. The Teal Badger is another ball I loved too, I actually think I’m going to get that one back out on the lanes.

    1. @Luis Napoles I mean honestly, the Pure is just the infinite with polish instead of 4K, the Dark Night is the Altered, but the Black Idol Pearl is def a little different than the OG Idol Pearl. Clean, but not to long, very continuous. Great ball for carry down if you have to or can move back to the right and use speed rather than going deeper. Ball has bailed me out many times.

  7. I’ve been drooling over the IQ/U and have been super close to ordering one. Baffled how that didn’t make it stateside

  8. First game with my Pure PhysiX was a 258, and shot 677 series. And for once I was able to stay in the same ball for all three games at my house. Which usually isn’t normal for anyone at our houses

  9. I have been eyeing the phaze 2 been looking for a solid ball besides my bonus I have the rst 1 so after this video I’m leaning towards this one love all your videos keep up the great work

  10. A comparsion between the Squad and RST-X1 as step up from the Phaze II would be nice. … my prediction the move of the squad and X1 were very near together.

  11. it looks fantastic, another beast by Rotogrip. I have been using rotogrip off and on since l started this game 40 yrs ago. This ball reminds of of the Old Rotogrip SD73 Classic. the motion and the drive thru the pins.. I hope they do bring this stateside

  12. Outstanding review, Luis! I agree about the RST X-2 Squad. There was an X-1 Squad, which is also an overseas ball, but has a motion that would complement the X-2 Squad. Hello, Storm?

  13. I got a Storm Zero Parallax a couple months ago first game out of the box I shot a 300. Then another 300 a few weeks later. I hadn’t shot a 300 in ten years prior to that. It is definitely the best ball for me. I haven’t tried any other overseas balls other than that. Love your videos keep up the great work!

  14. Yes, just ordered my first overseas ball, Pure Physix and agree with you, BowlersMart does indeed have the best Blach Friday deals

  15. I just got an overseas japanese ball “ultima black” solid symmetrical by hammer. came 1500 but put it at 3000 and it instantly became my benchmark ball, avg 220 on my local THS

  16. If your layout was 60 × 4-3/4″×30° you would have the creating the difference control layout. I have it on my purple pearl hammer urethane ( Brunswick green pin version) and my motiv blue tank and they make a awesome burn bag for old wood in the league I bowl in that we get what’s left from the league before. I am thinking about getting it on the orange idol or the Og Honey badger

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