This Is My BEST League Arsenal To Date!

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The past few weeks at league I have brought this exact arsenal and have been crushing it! I do weekly livestreams every Thursday night at league and everyone is always asking me what I am throwing and here it is!

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48 Comments on “This Is My BEST League Arsenal To Date!”

  1. 9:00 OVER THE LINE! Mark it zero next frame. Nice arsenal, i decided on a dark web for my next ball, comes in next week!

  2. my go to league arsenal is motiv affliction vip, phaze 2, hustle wine with tzone spare ball.

    i like to start with the Phaze 2 to get a feel for the lanes on wether or not theres too much oil for it. if it is i switch to the vip affliction because i can be more angular with it and the hustle wine is my favorite late game ball because it allows me to play straighter than the other 2. looking at picking up a track stealth to replace my phaze 2

  3. Hammer Redemption Pearl .. all games, all shots. I just make adjustments. Personal preference for me. Although I do have the Redemption Solid, but haven’t really had a need to pull it out yet, for almost 2 years.

  4. Right now depending on the house starting RST X3 then go into ph4ze, 2 of the houses I bowl at are wood

  5. I throw it bad enough my league arsenal could be a potato and I’d do about the same πŸ˜• but it’s a UC2 with surface, Phaze II, Hy-Road Pearl, and Boo-Yah Pro. Swap a Mix for HRP on really short.

  6. I start off with an All-Out Show Off, which, to me, is the best ball I’ve ever thrown. The house shot is medium-everything, but one notable quirk is oil carries down rather than burns up. Instead of moving down into a Hy-Road Pearl (which I do bring with me), I’m usually moving up into either a Zen (when I need more length and pop) or an Omega Crux (when I need traction and control to work through the soup).

  7. πŸ’£πŸ’£πŸ’£ Wow, that stick gave me the willies…bad bad bad memories. Great shooting and good instructive video.πŸ‘πŸ‘ŠβœŒπŸ––

  8. I just got an idol Cosmos that I love but have been throwing poorly. Works really well when I hit my spot.

    I’ve been starting with the Motiv Blue Coral Venom, then transitions to the Cosmos game 2 and finishing with a Hammer Black widow 2.0

  9. Zen is my go to ball. Pin down layout and if I want a different look with something more angular I switch to a Motiv Iron Forge and move left. I bowl in a league where almost nobody goes left of 3rd arrow so the Iron Forge is more fun then.

  10. Since I have no room for any more balls my equivalent will be Phaze II/Aspect, Zen/HyRoad Pearl, Burner Pearl/Hustle Wine.

  11. My arsenal is Hammer Infamous, Reality Check/Zen, hyroad pearl. I keep my dark code with me because it’s my fav

  12. League1 (short houseshot): PitchBlack -> Hy-Road Pearl; League2 (low volume houseshot) : Hustle PBR (3k) -> HyRoad Pearl -> Tropical Surge … Phaze2 is in the bag (often to strong)

  13. Mine is RST X1 , then Zen with surface, then Hustle Wine. It’s a huge drop from the Zen to the Wine. I’m hoping to fill that with the next Spectre. Come on Storm release it already. We already have to wait until December so far.

    1. @machine thesun I pickup with the Zen right where I leave off the X1. I don’t like getting too far left with my low revs. So when the X1 loses too much energy due to friction I go to the Zen in the same spot.

    2. Thanks for the answer, I’ve got an X1 also but mainly practice with it. Tried it a couple nights ago game 1 on an oily long house shot and had to stand on 24 and throw it just right of the 3rd arrow, not a line I typically use. It was great and hit like a truck. But since I don’t have a lot of revs either I balled down game 2 and moved 6 boards right.

  14. Hi Luis, I liked the video very much! For those of us that don’t deal with as much friction as you do in your house shot leagues, is there a stronger ball or stronger balls that would make sense to you for the first transition — maybe a ball (or balls) that have a reasonably low RG plus a high differential, that can be projected through the heavy oil in the center of the lanes, and can get back strongly from the dry on the outside? Many thanks!

  15. Great video as usual. The information you have is very useful. I only have 1 pin down ball in my arsenal and I love the way that balls rolls. May have to consider 1 or 2 like that when do my next ball buying spree.

  16. Depends on how the lanes break down for the night. But my Zen Master is always the first one out of my bag. I’ll try to use that for as long as possible.

    When the lanes break down just a bit but the Master is reading a bit too early, I switch to the Zen Soul since I love the shape.

    Usually the last half of game 3, I’ll finish with my Hyped Hybrid or Omega Crux.

    Weird arsenal? Probably πŸ˜…

    1. @Luis Napoles fair point. Although I just added the Phaze V (got an early copy from my pro shop 😁) to the arsenal. Still working on finding a good line for it since I’m more preferable to hybrids and not used to how long it goes down lane before reacting

  17. League 1(typical house shot synthetic lanes:) DV8 madusa. Im pretty much in that all night but sometimes itll start becoming over under city or refusing to carry and i take out the iq emerald. League 2(35 feet of soup and 50 year unmaintained old wood lanes): the dv8 madusa, then iq emerald, with a 20 year old ebonite tornado in the bag for spares and if the iq starts reading too early. On those lanes they sometimes transition so much the iq starts moving darn near as soon as it hits the lane

  18. I am just getting started. My bowling alley loaned me a 14lb Motiv Primal TV4 and I’m hooked!! I started out with my 40 year old 10lb plastic ball. I am buying an Ebonite Polaris, as recommended by the alley owner. I assume that would be my first ball out of the bag. What might be a good first transition ball? I transitioned my 10lb to be my spare ball for now.

  19. Regardless of THS or not, the Marvel-S was so good. Even for tournaments, it was the first ball out of my bag. I had a very similar layout to yours and with that ball motion, it would tell me all I needed to know about how the lanes were reacting, whether THS or Sport. I miss that ball – crater crack around mine and I had to retire it.

    I’m still deciding whether I should go the eBay route and try to get another Marvel-S, or move on to the Phaze 2 based on your recommendation. Great video as always! My only current pin down ball is the OG Black Widow, and it’s not nearly as clean in the fronts as the Marvel-S.

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