This Illegal Bowling Ball Was SOO Good! Taking A Look Before The Revenant!

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The Storm Spectre was deemed illegal by the USBC which was really sad news! The all new Storm Revenant will hopefully be very similar to it! So today we are going to take a look at that Spectre!

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41 Comments on “This Illegal Bowling Ball Was SOO Good! Taking A Look Before The Revenant!”

  1. Merry Christmas Lou! You kinda have to compare the Spectre with the Revenant, since the Spectre
    can’t he used in USBC competition any longer. Bowlers would probably want to know if the Revwnant is basically a legal Spectre, or not worth it…..

  2. Yes please compare the spectre and revanant. I own the spectre and loved that ball. Really hoping the revanant is close to the same

  3. Merry Christmas Lou. I traded mine in for a Hy-Road pearl. I’m speed dominant, so the Spectre was a bit too clean for my game, as is the Hy-Road Pearl. Will be interesting to see what the color differences will have on the ball reaction. I don’t see much of a difference between 1500 polish and the reacta gloss myself.

    You know I’m looking forward to the REVENANT. Cant wait to get one. Def in the bag for sure.

    Also the Absolute is being compared to the Dream On. Thought that was cool as well. Absolute vs Dream On video!

    Btw my PSO might be recommending me to add either Dark Code or Exotic Gem to my arsenal.
    Saying may need a Stronger and quicker ball.
    Any thoughts thanks bro.

    1. Merry Christmas! I would wait to see the Absolute before making that choice cause those aren’t really QUICK balls and the Absolute with a weaker cover should boom

    2. @Luis Napoles that price tag is bonkers lol. Maybe I’ll win one down the road some how. But I’ll def wait. I dont wanna drill anything just yet besides the REVENANT lol

  5. I tried to get a wolverine, but that was also canceled, so Storm sent me a Phaze 2. That’s why I like storm so much! I would love to see a comparison between the Spectre, Revenant, and the Fate since the RG and Diff are similar (I think).

  6. I feel the same with the jackal carnage I have. Only throw it in non saction leagues or events. I feel most modern asymmetrical solid balls like the carnage are way stronger than the banned carnage. Also definitely compare it to the reverent.

  7. Got the spectre when it first came out and was extremely disappointed when it got banned. Got an Idol Helios in the exchange and then got the Phaze V to replace the spectre in my bag. Keep up the good work I love all the ball comparisons you do!

  8. Definitely would like to see the two with the same layout to see how they compare. The two differences would be color combo and the polish.

  9. I’ve never experienced a spectre, but I may get a revenant considering how good the spectre seems to be. I may mess with the finish though because I’m not a fan of the reacta gloss finish.

  10. I still use my Spectre at practice all the time. It’s nice having a good ball to throw for practice, and it’s nice not caring if a chunk gets taken out of it.

  11. I’d like to see a side by side comparison given that one has been deemed illegal by the USBC. It would be interesting to see exactly what the difference is in the shape, the roll, the polish, etc.

  12. yes if you could compare because some of us are still using the Spectre as its not illegal in most, if not all leagues. Thanks and keep at it brother!

  13. Thank you for this vid. This helped! I was torn between the revenant and absolute. I feel good about my decision after watching this

  14. I wanted the wolverine for my replacement, but storm stopped those as well. I went with the hyroad pearl. I still loved the spectre. Im interested in that revenant though

  15. Got a request. I’d love to see you shoot some on a very short 27′ pattern. What balls would you use, what kind of throw? I’m currently in a scratch league and they changed from a long pattern to a very short one. I think it’s a custom pattern that the house designed. I just know it’s 27′ and crazy crazy… Thanks!

  16. Spectre vs. Revenant would be a good idea because Luke did a Code Zero review a while back and his thoughts were basically “this is a Code Black with a change of clothes.” Same idea goes for the Emerald and the OG Tour Pearl. Ya dig? Lol.

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