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Bowling in a one game match vs Krysta! She came READY TO PLAY! This is easily the highest scoring match of the series so far!

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42 Comments on “This Girl Is UNSTOPPABLE!”

  1. I was in awe watching Krysta, her first ball was the only ball that wasn’t on target. She crushed it! 👍👊✌🖖

  2. Wow! Her Zen was a total pocket magnet.
    Well Lou, if you are going to lose, losing to a fine lady like Krysta is an honor. 😁
    I think now you need to take on the second half of the Dynamic Duo.

  3. This was honestly the best match anyone could ask for. Krysta bowled lights out! Luis you bowled well as well but those few spares were the absolute difference. Love seeing two clean games. Hopefully Krysta will allow you to rematch her. I’d love to see a round 2

  4. That was phenomenal. Enjoyed that very much. I just showed me I don’t have to get this from a massive amount of revs on my ball.

  5. I watch Krysta almost every week for her league night. No disrespect to your bowling skill, Luis, you’re an amazing bowler. However, if you rematch Krysta she’ll whup you again. I’d be willing to put money or a jersey on it. Lol

    Great match guys. As always, I love your videos, Luis.

  6. Great game both of you… Congrats to Krysta on the W… I will be in Vegas in April and would love nothing more than to just hang and roll a game or two…

    1. @Luis Napoles I’ll be there April 12-15. I can email you all my info if you want me to. 🎉

  7. Great bowling by both y’all! That Zen was just automatic for her today! It was amazing to watch!

  8. Damn what a good game well played games by both. What amazing scores for sure. You inspire me to be a better bowler week to week.

  9. This actually sold me on the original Zen. My RPMs are in between Luis and Krysta’s, would fit nice in my bag since I need a symmetrical ball.

    Unless I can come across another Ultimate Inferno. Since that’s low key the best symmetrical ball ever.

  10. What is Krysta’s average? Is this normal for her???? She’s a machine. All but one of her nine bagger looked like carbon copies. Nice video, very entertaining.

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