This Bowling Ball Will Dominate House Shots! Storm Absolute Power Ball Review!

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Bowling ball review for the all new Storm Absolute Power! This ball will be a house shot monster!

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7 Comments on “This Bowling Ball Will Dominate House Shots! Storm Absolute Power Ball Review!”

  1. I’m a 2 finger bowler, with a lot of rev. Would the absolute power or the summit peak fit me best

  2. Holding out on buying another SPI ball till the end of the year, they seem like they are rolling out AI on balls like B7 was putting out HK22 on everything last year. Expecting a bunch of interesting releases this year

  3. Having to go down in weight from 16lb to 15lb. Do you think this would be a good replacement for my Alpha Crux or would the Reality or Infinity Pi be better options?

  4. I really want to see you throw this ball on a sport shot. This one interests me big time. Love the content as always!❤

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