This Bowling Ball Was Meant To Come With Surface!

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The Roto Grip Duo is a bowling ball that I have loved to throw since I got it! Something told me it would be even better with surface and I was NOT wrong at all!

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44 Comments on “This Bowling Ball Was Meant To Come With Surface!”

  1. I’m definitely getting the ball because I don’t have a symmetrical pearl ball in my arsenal but I’m only using it on the sport pattern and leaving the storm reacta gloss on it, I feel the gloss gives it more angle than the trucut surface, am I wrong about that?

  2. Cool tech bowling bowling ball roto grip Duo bowling ball with nano technology in the bowling ball more strike and spare hitting power at time Luis

    1. @scotty thompson Cool tech TROLLING Roto Grip bowling ball DOES NOT have nano technology despite what scotty thompson dreams up …. MORE strike and spare hitting power WITH SURFACE and take to 4000K ….. come on scotty … get with it bub …. COOL TECH TROLLING SCOTTY THOMPSON BOWLING …. the “KING” of the trolls …. trolls ALL bowling videos …….

  3. I want the ball at 4000 when I remove polish, so that it lane shines to “stable”, and looks its best there. All I do is 4000 by hand, using a CtD TruCut pad and CtD TruCut Conditioner. Just one step, and if I resurface later, it’s just one step.

  4. I use the CtD pads by hand w their conditionor, 500 then whatever my final grit will be. 1500 on S Nova, 3000 on Fate and Marvel Nex hybrid, 4000 on iQ np. I don’t like getting left of 12-13 at the arrows if I can help it (start @ 6 on fresh). I’m always concentrating on keeping my ball speed down (speed dom) so surface has really help’d slow the ball down and get to its roll.

  5. I invested in a ball spinner so I use that. Now that my speed is up, I’m at 4000 grit as well. For looks, I was really into keeping my balls polish. However, between listening to you and Rosdahl, I’m learning to trust a little bit of surface. Besides, 4000 on a ball spinner still shines!

  6. “Polish” is essentially a very fine liquid sandpaper. Some polishing compounds might leave some residue within the pores of the coverstock, but the shiny surface of the ball is the bare coverstock, and not a shiny coating or film.

    My shop process for dulling a shiny coverstock is to hit it with a fresh 500 pad top and bottom on the spinner, then whatever surface is required. 500/2000 is typical.

  7. Your hair is just amazing. Like mink fur. Don’t shave it off again unless you are planning to make something expensive out of it. 😁
    As to surface? Critical. I recently obtained a Crimson Widow urethane and even though I put a lower flare layout on it, out of box it is so strong and driving I simply cannot use it on a house shot.
    So I will have to try taking it up to 3000 to see if that tames it down to make it usable on a house shot. You gotta match the surface to your league’s shot.

  8. When I bought my idol synergy, I loved it out of box for a while. Then it kinda just died and wasn’t as good. And stopped hooking. So I started throwing it with 1000 grit surface on it. It because a completely new ball. Made it strong, smooth, continuous. Became the first ball out of my bag for a long while. More times than not, I literally had 3-5 boards of room at the arrows. Struck a lot, my scores skyrocketed. So I know what you mean. Anyone that doesn’t like their ball, play with the surface. You might find something you really really like.

  9. Interesting results with the DUO having surface. I agree with you, the outside shots played much smoother than when the ball had reacta gloss.

  10. I change my surfaces myself, by hand. With reactagloss I typically lightly hit them with either a 1000 or 2000 CtD trucut pad to remove the gloss.

  11. I reset all of my polished pieces with 500, 1000, then Step 2. My Phaze V went way too long with the Reacta Gloss.

  12. So maybe for the typical up and in type of bowler (I include myself) this might be a good ball for league with a little surface?

  13. you need some rest Luis. looked like you’re running out of gas. I might try a little surface on my eternity

  14. I do it by hand, so that in practice on whatever pattern I bowl on, Ik how to change it immediately if I need to. 🤘

  15. Could you post an updated video on how you tape your fingers? Having trouble with mine but looking at different ways people tape them.

  16. Would like to see a video on how you are step surfacing to 4k grit. Are you using a spinner? Etc. Thanks!

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