This Bowling Ball Arsenal Is Helping Me Average Almost 230!

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Picking your bowling ball arsenal can be tough! This is the arsenal I am using in league that is helping me average almost 230! I hope it helps you on your journey!

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10 Comments on “This Bowling Ball Arsenal Is Helping Me Average Almost 230!”

  1. First. Hey Luis What’s it like to be a staffer and making these ball review videos? I’m trying to become an evolution staffer but its been hard. I’ve only been bowling for a year and a half and i’ve improved so much I now have a 215 average at 14yo and am hoping to be wining tournaments one day like Brady Mc.

  2. That 299 (x2) stat would literally kill me. Granted, I haven’t ever bowled 300 so it means much more to me😂

  3. Here’s my arsenal currently: TNT, TNT infused, fate, black venom, and hustle M+M. I’ve practiced with the infused and I love it. I’ll throw it in my next league to see how it does.

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