Thinking Of Making The Switch To Two Handed?!?

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My initial goal for this video was to try and throw 12 strikes two handed but then the carry started to happen and it got me thinking…. should I make the switch to two handed?!?

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44 Comments on “Thinking Of Making The Switch To Two Handed?!?”

  1. Your bowling style is what I can relate to as a one handed bowler. Two handed is great and might get you new subs. But my views may fall off because of the style from rev rate to how you might play the lanes will change. I kinda not look at reviews by two handed bowlers. I guess the style has to match up to what I can relate to.

  2. Luis, I greatly appreciate your content and bowling style as is to make my assessments on ball purchases.

    I am a two hand bowler, but I am able to get a more accurate understanding of ball motion from your videos and game than any other individual doing ball reviews.

    Now that being said, bowl your best in the way that you feel most comfortable and confident that’s going to deliver the desires out come for you as a bowler.

    If you decide to go two handed in your reviews. I hope that you would consider bowling both methods instead of the other guest you’ve used with a super unique style of delivery.

    His style is not useful for me, but much success to you, your channel and your bowling game being traditional or two handed. Thanks for the content. Greatly appreciated.

  3. I like the idea of having some two-handed shots in your videos, especially in your ball reviews, while still keeping the content mainly one-handed. I feel that it’ll help reach out to the two-handed audience while still retaining the one-handed gang.
    Edit: plus it may help develop your two-handed game over time

  4. My game has improved a lot because of you watching You’re videos really owe you a lot for helping me with really appreciate it with all my heart. Thank you so much

  5. Your regular game is really good and you’ve put years of work into it, would be cool to see some 2 handed shots during reviews for some contrast but I wouldn’t make the switch for competition.

  6. i think your two handed style so far is looking good .. just keep praticing and u get better … but welcome to the 2 handed family my brother

  7. I used to be pretty alright bowling two-handed at one point. But I got better at one-handed instead of switching. Now it’s about 6-7 years later and I can’t do it as well. I’ve also put on some weight since then.

  8. I think if you kept the ball tucked a little longer on your backswing, you might not have as many of those tugged shots. Since you’re not using your thumb, the ball is able to shift from one side to the other on your backswing. As a one hannded-two finger bowler, this provides the stability i need to not throw chili peppers.

  9. Nice Job Luis. Fun video. My dalliance with throwing two-handed, turned into a grinding season. I threw some really good games, but I threw more mediocre games. My first/only(?) season throwing two-handed culminated with a 174 average. If it were feasible, and if you wanted to do so, it would be cool if you could record, a two-handed video with a coach. Hope all is well.👍👊✌🖖

  10. It all depends on where you wanna play the lanes. If you wanna move left way more often, then go ahead and make the switch. If not, then do what you have before. All you 🤘.

  11. Your one handed is very good. I’m seeing a lot more rotation here, but less revolutions. I think, for you, this could be a great exercise for your one handed technique. Like, to increase your rotation one handed, throw a couple two handed shots and then switch back to one handed. You may be able add more controlled hold that way to your one hand game. Just my two cents. You’ve taught me a bunch this past year with your vids, so thank you for that. Good luck good bowling

  12. the beauty is you are not locked into one style, so in case of injury or preference, you can use what suits you. versatility really is the best way to be successful at bowling and definitely why guys like Simonsen are tearing up the tour right now.

  13. Hey Luis! Needing a bit of help regarding my arsenal for league, currently have a uc3, spare ball and phaze 2. For a next ball should I lean towards a big tank like the Gem/DNA/Reality or could I go for the Absolute as my next ball? Thanks a lot!

    PS make the switch XD

  14. It didn’t look bad, I have seen way worse two-handed bowlers.
    I did notice your tilt almost seemed like it dropped to zero or close to it and misses right would not recover due to the very low tilt and ball rolling forward.

  15. If I tried bowling 2 handed I would fall on my face. I have no two handed skills 🤣🤣. You and frank can be the two handed duo!

  16. Honestly even tho I like ur regular game the swing of the two handed looks way more free and less muscle compared to the 1 handed one
    Sure the swing is way smaller to regular but still looks quite nice.

  17. We met in Vegas during the SYC event. Watching your backswing what I am seeing is you need to let the ball rest more on your right forearm and less palming. You can setup the same as well, let the ball rest on your forearm with your elbow under your shoulder and your forearm paralel to the ground. You’ll find you get a lot more action out of the release. It looks like you are still releasing as if you were bowling using your normal form.

  18. I had to switch to two-handed because of some thumb issues and because I couldn’t get enough rev rate.
    Made a big difference now. My thumb is healed mostly from all the issues of head over to yours with it and a swelling has gone down. It’s just hard for me to get the ball passed 16 mph with two-handed now for some reason.
    200 Bowling is rewarding once you get good at it and you’re already good enough at it that you can make some big improvements. If you practice. I think you should probably stick with it.

    Definitely throw in two-handed balls in the video if you don’t transition the two-handed overall.
    There’s so many people out there who are too handed now that you can’t not do it in your videos

    1. @Luis Napoles nice dude.
      I watch your videos regardless, but I can relate better to two-handed.

  19. The shocking part is I think your ball speed is faster 2 handed. I was thinking you’d be a couple mph slower. Between the higher the speed & increased angle through the pindeck I think your pin action is greatly improved. This may be something to consider.

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