These Two Bowling Balls Were The MOST POPULAR At The 2023 USBC Masters!

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The 2023 USBC Masters was a HUGE tournament and one thing that shocked me was how many players on team SPI were ALL throwing the same two balls in transition! In todays video we are going to go over that!

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46 Comments on “These Two Bowling Balls Were The MOST POPULAR At The 2023 USBC Masters!”

  1. Seeing Kyle break out the Cosmos made my heart flutter. That ball deserves more respect than it currently gets.

  2. You also hated the hyped hybrid and its one of my favorite balls of all time with some surface on it. I think like the exotic, you just weren’t throwing it like you are now. I hated the nova like you hated the exotic but once I changed the surface it made all the difference. I’m glad you made this vid ty.

  3. it was the OLD school Gem that was dominant in final Sunday. Simo and Sherman both tossed the GEM

  4. Enjoyed the video. Hate it when I don’t see you and the two Chris ruin my Thursday night. Keep these great videos

  5. Definitely love the Exotic Gem. It’s a very controllable ball and i have it at the same surface 1000 and then Step 2.

  6. The 2023 USBC Masters pattern was a heavy flooded 46 ft. oil sport shot, which is why everyone was throwing these strong cover + low RG asym pearls.

  7. I noticed the Gem being thrown allot. Kyle threw it to make it to the second to last match and Simo to win the masters. Great ball

  8. I like the exotic gem even though I been bowling more with the OG GEM I almost got a perfect game with the OG 😂🔥

  9. I saw Andrew Anderson and other Mortiv bowlers mostly using the Primal Shock Motiv bowling ball. I saw Packy mostly using the Brunswick Mindset bowling ball, and Matt Ogle using the Columbia 300 Cuda Powercor bowling ball. I was at Thunderbowl Lanes the 2nd day of the USBC Masters.

  10. I ended up using my infinite physix and astro physix in the masters on burn day. Fresh days I was in my proton physix, idol helios or DNA or infinite if the left side broke down enough. Should have probably given the gem a better look. I was hitting everything with surface just to get them to hook on that tough pattern

  11. I would like to see a gem and reality check video! The exotic gem pour looked really good going down the lane for you!

  12. Could you possibly do a video on how you hit it with the 1000 pad and then the Step 2? Would be cool to see the process as someone who is newer to bowling!

  13. Got my Exotic Gem drilled a couple weeks ago, absolutely love it. It’s my first Asym Pearl so still need to be more consistent but definitely see why a lot of people like it. I feel like it gives me a little more room for error. Haven’t hit it with surface yet but tempted on seeing how it reacts if I do 😀

  14. Was there, Gems and Exotic Gems were definitely the primary pieces used, followed by Eternity. On Brunswick side, Mindset. Basically big core assym pieces matched up to the pattern best.

  15. I’ve had the exotic gem since it came out and I love it. Kept the surface it came with out of box and it’s just been such a good ball for me. Been bowling my best of the league year since I’ve had it. Amazing ball! And love seeing it on the tour with the pros.

  16. Definitely love my Exotic Gem. I’m low speed bowler. I only have been bowling for over a year.

  17. Hey, Luis! New subscriber here and fairly new to the sport in general. I have been watching your videos like crazy trying to figure out a solid choice for my first ball. I was asked to join a summer league with my buddies and had a blast practicing with them last weekend. I used to bowl quite a bit back in the day, but never took it seriously. Was hoping you could give some advice on what your top 2-3 recommended balls would be for someone joining a league, that can only afford one ball for the first little bit. From your reviews I’ve been interested in the iQ, Phaze ll, Zen and Fate. Any advice or recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much for the super informative content. It’s a life saver for us getting into the sport and wanting to start taking it seriously.

    1. I would start in a Phaze 2 and then work for way through an arsenal around that ball! Welcome to bowling!

  18. I’ve got two Eternities (Miscommunication at my Pro Shop). I brought one of the Eternities down to 3000, and I absolutely love it. Going to take the second down to 500/1000/Step 2 this week to see if there is a reason to have both in my arsenal.

  19. Whatever you did to your back swing that’s absolutely incredible! It looks like you added another 100 revs! If you don’t mind I’d love to see a video of you comparing the curled pinky finger vs not as some pros do. I’d love to see if you notice a different down lane reaction. To me it became a comfort thing and I never stopped curling it

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