These Two Bowling Balls Make For A Great One Two Punch! Roto Grip Duo & Exotic Gem

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The combination of the Roto Grip Duo and Exotic gem makes for a great one two punch of bowling balls on the lanes! Chris is back for a comparison in this one!

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40 Comments on “These Two Bowling Balls Make For A Great One Two Punch! Roto Grip Duo & Exotic Gem”

  1. Buying the DNA today. I like that ball so much. I was able to stand on 30 throw over 20 out to 15 and it would come back.

  2. I enjoy the Exotic Gem at 4000 grit. I think I see my next symmetrical I will purchase. Keep up the great content!

  3. I’ve been throwing my Duo for a week now and it seems a lot sharper than I expected, very angular… gonna take some getting used to, might even take mine to 3000 to smooth it out a bit

  4. So the info I have gathered from your video(s) a good house shot arsenal could be Exotic Gem, Infinite Physix, Eternity, and Duo. Do you like any solids for house?

  5. Great video Luis. Chris just seems too much for those balls. These balls were drilled for you, if you were drilling these balls for Chris, how would you lay out the balls for him? See you when I see you.👍👊✌🖖

  6. Wow, the lanes look really easy … there is too much area for us to get a good read on these balls

  7. I definitely like the quicker pearl. If I throw anything to strong I can’t seem to keep it right.

  8. When I first got my Exotic, I hated it. I scrubbed the cover with a pad and then used some 2K compound. Now I love it. Like Luis said, the ball is much better keeping my angles straighter. If I try to wheel it, it will definitely recover but leaves a ton of 10 pins. It’s particularly good on wet/dry. The strong core helps it recover in the oil and it dominates shaker strikes. Also because of the rolly motion and compound finishing there’s not too much over reaction on the outside friction.

    1. I just straight sanded mine with 2,000 grit. It looks better for me sending it straight and hard and letting the big core finish on the back.

  9. I love the Exotic Gem. Not sure about getting the Duo since i seen videos of it and ppl saying it’s like maybe a lil stronger Zen. I havea Zen already. Wats ur take on that? Thanks Luis

  10. I like the Exotic Gem, hits the pocket like a freight train! My current arsenal is TNT. Exotic Gem, RST-X3 and a Zen Soul. Looking for something weaker for late games. Eying the Ruby. Was thinking Duo but I think it might be too strong for when I’m looking to throw it.

  11. I know why youtubers can’t do this, but I would love to see how these bowling balls perform months into use. 99% of time we only see fresh bowling balls in action but the average bowler keeps their ball far far longer than 20-60 games…. It’s a fact these balls don’t perform the same 6 months in after a resurface, lane shine, detox..etc

    1. I was doing that before. reviewing balls months after to show how the react after tons of use and literally got no views

  12. Been binge watching your videos. Loving these.

    Quick question: what is your typical ball speed?

  13. I hate the exotic gem also…. I’ll admit it hits like a tank but I hate having to baby it. I’m trying to find a spot for it in my bag, current lineup ebonite Polaris, dark code, IQ Tour, Hammer Raw Hybrid. 240avg. Summer league

  14. I snagged the Duo for my wife as her 2nd ball next to the Top Thrill. Reason: She can only throw a 10lb and this is a rare treat to have a high performance coverstock on a ball at that low weight. She does well turning the Thrill, but I’m hoping she’ll get to throw a bit harder and get a little more turn when the lanes feel a little slicker than normal. Hoping it arrives soon 😀

  15. The Duo seems like what I hoped the TNT would be. Looks like Luis has been working on more revs. I love that one shot that went from the one board to strike.

  16. Hello Luis, can you tell me what did you do to your exotic gem? Did you sand it to take off the reactive gloss? I loved it when I first got it and now it’s now the same since I sanded it a little, but the people at Ctd mentioned to sand it with a 1000 and then either 4000 or 5000 and then polish, haven’t tried it yet! Hoping you can give some feedback

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