These Two Bowling Balls Are ABSOLUTE Bangs For Your Buck! Burner Solid & Hustle Camo!

Bowling ball can no doubt be expensive! These tow bowling balls will give you some major bang for your buck! The 900 Global Burner Solid and the Roto Grip Hustle Camo!

19 Comments on “These Two Bowling Balls Are ABSOLUTE Bangs For Your Buck! Burner Solid & Hustle Camo!”

  1. Hey Louis, got a video idea for you, not sure if ull like it

    So i understand ur usual league format is basically a livestream for like an hour. Im not a league bowler, never have been, so im not sure if you can actually cash in league play or not. If not, maybe you could look into doing some interesting challenges for league (yes exactly like darren tang)

    Only Low End Balls (Hustle, Tropical storm, burner)
    Only 1 surface for all balls
    Only throwing the mix
    Only Hybrid balls(Use 3 different hybrids for fresh, transition and burn)

    Something like that, that’ll make it interesting. Cheers

    1. My leagues have cash payouts…would be a nice way to sandbag the handicap for tourney play tho🙃

  2. Is there any difference in the hustles by color? I only see people talking about the camo.

    1. Coverstocks typically – Blue (Ink) was a solid PurpleBlueRed(PBR) was a Solid Green/Brown(Camo) is a Solid – Others like the Gold (AU) were pearls – and so on…
      Right now the current Solid is the Camo and it is supposed to be like the Old Ink ball – I used up 2 Ink’s and now have a Camo. the Hustle lineup is a serious bang for the buck

  3. Love to see it! Seriously considering the Camo for the burn from zone 1. Been using the Hy-Road Pearl from zone 3 with limited consistency.

  4. Literally the perfect timing once again with an upload, I’ve been looking to add a low end medium-dry or dry ball to my bag since I’ve only got medium or higher strength balls along with nothing with a round shape. was debating the camo or the wine.

  5. 16:40 That outfit drives me Kimmy-jka.Monster nuts on you and you have that curvy body. You did a good job modelingu it too. Also like the last outfit 20:11.. Love how the garter belts connect to the stockings and sheer top

  6. Man, the hustle camo with the new 4k fresh seems to hook way too early for me. I was hoping I could stay right with it like this too. was this a fresh coverstock shown here? or was there surfacing on the ball? I need it to get further down lane.

  7. Great comparison! This topic was good. Keep up the good work! I definitely enjoyed the spare shooting video and your ball reviews. I liked the video where you went from a 5 step to a 4 step approach, with lower back swing. Videos like that are very helpful.

  8. I have both that I use on the burn with the Camo I had to hit with the 2k pad and didn’t have any better luck so I put the polish back on and now works great on the other hand I also have both Burner’s Solid and Pearl. Love the Pearl the Solid didn’t give me the backend so maybe it’s time to take it back out of the box and do what your doing moving right a little more than normal lol hopefully it will work

  9. Love the hustle line, I have a Hustle Ink. I also play the same line you did when you were throwing the Camo

  10. Love the “entry” level balls for playing right! I’ve been using the hammer raw black and electrify pearl. Waiting on my burner pearl to be drilled! Great video very cool topic 👍

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