These Three Bowling Balls Are ABSOLUTE Tournament Essentials!

In todays video we will go over three bowling balls that are must haves for any tournament arsenals! The Storm Pitch Black, Storm Phaze 2 and the Storm !Q Tour Solid!

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10 Comments on “These Three Bowling Balls Are ABSOLUTE Tournament Essentials!”

  1. Phaze 2 zen IQ tour I bring with no matter what. Pitch black is also my spare ball so that is always in the bag. Just drilled up a hustle camo going to test it out tonight at league

  2. So I’ve always been a Storm guy, and I still am… but I finally just had to get a Purple Hammer drilled and I now see why people love (and hate lol) that ball. I threw it on a 45ft pattern and it looked amazing… then I threw it on a 37ft pattern from basically the same part of the lane and it still looked amazing lol

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