These Three Are The BEST Angular Bowling Balls On The Market Today!

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When talking about ball motion, terms often get tossed around like smooth and angular! In todays video we are going to talk about WHAT an angular ball is, what makes it angular and finally what are my top 3 angular bowling balls!

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10 Comments on “These Three Are The BEST Angular Bowling Balls On The Market Today!”

  1. Here’s where we differ in opinion. While I don’t own a zen or burner pearl, I do have a HyRoad pearl and it to me is smooth down lane. So based on the last two videos I’d swap the HyRoad and the soul. 🙂

    1. @Luis Napoles I do, the HyRoad’s move at the breakpoint isn’t as quick as the soul’s

  2. Great video. Was looking at getting a Zen to add a pearl to my bag as I have a Hammer black widow 2.0 and motiv blue coral venom currently but now I’m thinking about that Hy-road pearl as at may fit my bag and game a little better.

  3. Dude that Burner Pearl looked really good but I would’ve loved to have seen the Hyped Pearl thrown into the mix. Give it some love man!!😊

  4. Thanks for the explanation. From your other videos, you recommended that we use solids on fresh, then go to reactives later. Does that sound about right?

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