These Bowling Balls Are NASTY!

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Comparing the all new Storm DNA and the 900 Global Reality! Two of the strongest bowling balls offered under the SPI family!

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52 Comments on “These Bowling Balls Are NASTY!”

  1. Both look really good. DNA looks like it can play left as it still continues… it just needs the slower speed.

  2. Looks like I am going to have to try my Reality again. I have been using the Reality Check as my main ball but I may have to try the Reality again.

    1. @Luis Napoles I took down my Reality Check and polished it. Shot pretty well with it last night until middle of the last game when it was just too dry.

    1. Thanks so much! It’s something I been working on like crazy! So I definitely appreciate that!

  3. Hey Luis,i’m figuring out what ball i want next as i only have an exotic gem right now and find that it hooks too much sometimes.i was looking at the absolute or a pitch black to compensate and i was just wondering what you would say

    1. I know I’m not Luis…but i would suggest you Get something symmetrical and solid. IQ tour maybe or phase 2!

  4. Nice comparison Lou!
    One more Video Tip: Your colors and contrast are cranked up way too high and the video is clipping and this makes it very difficult to actually see the ball going down the lane.
    So please back that contrast and saturation down so clarity and detail can be restored. 😉

  5. Love my 900 Global Reality! I think the DNA is not different enough to warrant a spot in a 6 bag arsenal. Instead, I recently added the 900 Global Eternity to my bag to go to once the lanes get too burned for the Reality.

  6. Grabbed my popcorn for this one. Lol the DNA seems like a good ball but with those higher specs I guess I would expect it to be a huge strong, hooking monster. I didnt see it being any better than these other ones out there. And there were a few times where the DNA in the video almost looked like a straighter ball at times. I’ve been drooling over the reality for some time now and thinking of getting it. Regardless of the gem, super nova and DNA which are all great ideas, I still think not too many balls beat the reality for some reason. I’m thinking of having a reality as my 1st go to ball out of bag, then maybe rst-x3. And the uc3 assymetrical for my eurothane option. I do have a symmetrical crypto which is not bad. But I’m excited to try stronger assymetrical balls.

  7. I just bought a Reality. It should be here in a few days.
    I’m pretty excited.
    I want a DNA as well and I’m also looking to get a Radical Innovator Solid, which I know is not an SPI brand, but it looks pretty great too

  8. Hey Luis, great video and comparison. Just out of curiosity to a throw back, how much stronger do you think the DNA is vs the Gravity Evolve?

    1. @Luis Napoles No worries was just curious. I got a killer deal on it to replace my Virtual Gravity Nano. I pre ordered the DNA but now debating if I really need both.

  9. It could be new ball excitement or knowing that the ball has stronger specs, but I just like your shots more when you threw the DNA . It seemed more commanding. Would like to see the same comparison on a tougher lane condition. Especially when it a lot of urethane has been thrown in front of you. By the way, your approach is looking better than ever.

  10. The ball motion of the dna reminds me of a crux prime or the overseas epic crux. I Threw mine on Sunday and it’s like watching a replay of it down the lane 😂.

  11. LOUIS, I need your advice. You have never steered me wrong. Older lanes center recently just fixed their oil machine and house shot. 2’ft longer heavier oil, used to be medium at best spotty oil. Zen polished still works great when we get transition 1.5-2 games in then kills it forever. 3000 grit Jackal Flash gets me through game 1 now with a pitch Black on occasion. Never owned a solid. Looking at a fresh game 1 ball. Reality or DNA? Any suggestions would help greatly. Purple hammer and Eternity were in consideration.

    1. Yo! So I think the DNA with the OOB surface from straighter should be the money ball for the fresh!

  12. That was a good choice for a comparison. I’m still not sure the DNA will replace my Proton Physix. I just purchased a second one before they become too hard to find.

  13. DNA looks great for league oil spill pattern. I love my Reality. 3000 finish made it a great shot shape for me. The Reality doesn’t like starting left for me. I just shove it down the right and in.

  14. love my reality , but i only can get 1 game out of it most times. what would you switch to for a drop down ball ?

  15. Once again, thanks for a great video! I noticed that you have a much slower rev when throwing the DNA than the Reality. Is it something that you’re doing on purpose or is it because of the ball’s property (the DNA)?

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