These Are The Two Strongest Bowling Balls I Have! The Storm Nova vs The Storm Proton Physix!

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Todays video is a battle between the two strongest bowling balls I own! The Storm Proton PhysiX and the Storm Nova!

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10 Comments on “These Are The Two Strongest Bowling Balls I Have! The Storm Nova vs The Storm Proton Physix!”

  1. When shooting with my proton strikes just come easy. The only thing I will say is if your throwing that strong of a ball most people will want a spare ball. I have ruined what would have been some great scores shooting at spares with my proton! I’m not sure it’s possible to throw it dead straight.

  2. Proton…maybe I’m bias. This ball is very fun to throw. Even if there’s not much oil, you can still throw it. You just have to use less revolutions and flatten your hand.

  3. i know alot of people were waiting for this one glad to see you loving the proton and the nova cant wait to see you use this combination in your league videos for pure score shootings

  4. These balls remind me of two Motiv balls. Like comparing the Jackal Ghost to the OG Trident. The Ghost is a little smoother than the Trident, but the Trident is more angular down lane. I know the Ghost is a solid, and the Trident is a hybrid ball, but they’re both low RG and high diff.

  5. I have the two the Proton is one of my favorite balls in comparison to the Nova I cannot give you an honest opinion because I don’t have enough games on it yet. From what I have seen so far they need oil lots of it. I like the shape and control from the Proton far more, I’m having a little difficulty finding my lines with the Nova. I do like the idea changing the surface to the same on both. I would ask to add in the Reality as well that I feel that’s the three top ball’s and would be a great comparison video.

  6. I think the Proton Physics is a better match for you. It’s motion is a better fit for your style of play.

    The Nova looks like it doesn’t provide you in particular the miss room you need for your game. It tended to go a bit high when the Proton did not, even after you moving left. I do see it as a useful ball if you want to open your angles. However, you have said repeatedly that you are not comfortable from far enough left to make the Nova a bag must have.

  7. Honestly you made both of these balls look great………. Today the Proton won me but as lanes transition it could be a different story. Keep up the good work ✌🏾✌🏾

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