These Are The MOST EXPENSIVE Bowling Balls I Own!

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The values of some bowling balls are through the roof! Todays video we will be talking about some of my more expensive ones!

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46 Comments on “These Are The MOST EXPENSIVE Bowling Balls I Own!”

  1. Most expensive is the Storm Sun storm le…paid 250. The most I would pay is probably 300 for the original iq tour pearl(goldie). My original goldie cracked 😔. Favorite ball of all time ❤

  2. I paid $250 for a overseas Gem Hybrid a few months ago, great ball, shame we haven’t seen it on your channel yet

    What happened to your Super Lock? Isn’t that one of your most expensive balls?

  3. What up big Lou I enjoy watching your videos keep up the good work just curious at your current Skill level do you still have the occasional week in League where you shoot five something like what is a bad week for you in League

  4. So far my most expensive was a Black Idol from overseas I bought for a buddy this year. Like 400 with shipping? I’d totally pay for an original, undrilled, red white or black team storm clear.

    1. @Luis Napoles I never got to throw it and my buddies fingers are the size of a 12 year old. 😭 One ball I’ll buy but never get to throw.

  5. Most expensive ball I have is probably a Hyper Cell Fused. But I got it from my PSO because he didn’t care for it and our spans are identical, so it’s still single drilled lol I’m a closeout shark by heart tho.

  6. How does the IQ Tour pearl compare to some of the current symmetrical pearls in the SPI lineup like the zen, phase v, etc?

  7. If I paid full price for it at my local bowling center, the phaze 5 is my most expensive. I traded in the gem (too strong imo for the conditions I play) and the fitter bought it off me by significantly discounting the next ball that I bought. If I knew then that I could sand the ball to make it hook less, I’d have probably kept it.

    In terms of the max I’d spend on a ball, I wouldn’t spend more than $250 on one.

  8. I paid $300 for my Pink Physix. I looked on eBay and they go for $600-$900 lol I also have a custom spare ball but I’m not even sure how much that would cost lol

  9. I think I it looked the best and I had the iq emerald and it was by far my best benchmark ball. I agree that storm needs an in pearl ball at all times

  10. Have you or do you know anyone that has ever thrown one of the paint the lanes pink storm balls? I’m been debating on getting the pink iq one, what’s your take Luis? You think it would possibly resemble the gold?

  11. I won a overseas roto grip ufo pearl, that thing was worth so much when I won it and I sold it for $400. Then I won a storm sure lock S and loved it so much I bought a 2nd one and that is in my closet un drilled

    1. @Luis Napoles yeah man google sure lock S The colors are awesome and the ball is just amazing. Haven’t seen anyone else throwing one but me wherever I go and a lot of people are always asking about it.

  12. The most expensive ball I have is the Hammer Black Widow Purple Urethane. The most I would probably pay for a ball is about $250.

    My brother has the $500 USA black widow purple Pearl urethane. Raffles are great.

  13. Wow you had nearly 12 boards to play with using that IQ!! Makes me reconsider wether I’d pay more for a ball like that😉

  14. I have never seen a ball for $500+. It would really have to be a special ball to spend that much. The ones I generally buy that are on the higher side is $250-$300. Normally I my balls cost around $200 undrilled. Can you explain what makes a ball worth the cost of $500+?

    1. The ones that are thzt expensive are really sought after discontinued balls or international release only

  15. The most I spent for a bowling ball is 350 for the Pink IQ Pearl. I have a bunch of International balls. I have a Ghost Lock – Reality X12 – Crucial Phaze – Ultimate Phaze- Phaze Flow- IQ Tour Nano Purple- Cruise Red Fire- Duty – Attention T- Zen Spirit- Wolverine Mutant- Idol Splash- Total Reality. I was fortunate enough to win many of these through raffles.

  16. I thought you bought and drilled an alpha crux. That would be more than both. Going rate currently for IQ Tour Pearl is about 500, Hyroad Gold has gone way down (saw one NIB this week for 200).

    I “paid” 400 for an IQ Tour Sapphire, but it was raffle spots and I won that AND a dark code. So it was well worth it. Paid 500 for a hyroad pink. Sold an alpha for 610, sold two pink physix for 500 each. Sold an IQ Tour pearl for 500, sold a couple fusions for 450.

  17. I got the IQ Tour Emerald – my favorite Storm ball. The High Road X ball, didn’t like it. Good video 👍🎳🎳

  18. My most expensive ball i bought was my Motiv pride paid 185 before drilling. If i could find another 15lb 900 global DCT I’d feel ok spending 350 but I’d hope I’d get it for less. But I’d also probably pay more for that specific ball.

  19. Man, I get jealous comments whenever I bring out my emerald. Can’t imagine what I’d get if I had a gold iQ Pearl, lol!

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