These are THE BEST solids on the Motiv Ball chart….. and it’s not even close!

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These are the solids that I believe to be the absolute best in the game right right now! #GetMOTIVated - 20 Years Online - Free Shipping Every Item Every Day

8 Comments on “These are THE BEST solids on the Motiv Ball chart….. and it’s not even close!”

  1. Hey Lou just curious trying to build a 4 ball arsenal right now been throwing motiv for around 8-9 months I love symetrics and was wondering if the shock would be a good move for my arsenal right now I have a forge flare supra and purp tank

  2. I think it was kinda unfair to put the Purple Tank out there, considering pearl and solid urethane are still more or less the same shape, unlike reactive resin. That being said, what would the third ball be (not considering the tank)?

  3. Did you explain why Legacy over the Ghost? Last time I checked the Ghost is far more versatile.

  4. Love all the solids but the ones that jump out to me is the Rogue Assassin, the Flight and the Flare is in there too, but it’s just crazy with that ball, it’s got some teeth.

  5. As much as I love my legacy, I’m really getting disappointed with the way I had it drilled. I’m debating on getting a new one as I don’t believe in plugged bowling balls

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