These Are The BEST Bowling Balls For Transition!

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Transition is a relatively easy word to understand but seeing the transition can be a very tricky concept to grasp! These three bowling balls are my go to balls for the transitional phase of bowling!

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42 Comments on “These Are The BEST Bowling Balls For Transition!”

  1. Been looking for a video exactly like this for the past week you are literally perfect timing. Thank you for all you do for the community. Keep up the work!

  2. My go to transition ball recently has been the blue coral venom but I think that RST X3 has been calling my name

  3. I really like that Phase V for you Luis. The RST-X3 has that look of just wanting to slow down so fast when it hits the friction.

  4. It seems that you are more comfortable with the V but the X3 looks good when you trust it. Thank you for these videos as it really helps seeing different balls go down the lanes with your explanations. When I come to Vegas next it would be awesome to have a practice session with you.

  5. Cant go wrong with any of these pieces. if you had a tournament with limited amount of pieces, than you may be sad to leave one behind. awesome vid!!

  6. The Phaze 5 for two reasons. It is so predictable. Blended the lane perfectly and found the pocket every time. Secondly, it stays in the zone so long you don’t have to keep moving left or without warning go through the nose for a split. Great video.

  7. My go to was my altered reality when I need power/hook in transition or my iq emerald when I need less power/hook. But now I added the phase 5 and I love it so it’s going to switch things up a bit for me and I’m good with that. For me, it would be altered reality, Phaze 5, and iq emerald for my pearl balls that will go well with my solids.

  8. The RST X2 is my transitional ball. Would really like to see another arsenal vid, choosing balls for different aspects of transition from fresh to burn.

  9. I got a V last week when it came out. Much better than the 4 imo. When the lanes REALLY break down, I think it’s great.

  10. Zen and Track legion Pearl. Zen is very clean but still reads and gives me some backend motion that is quick and controllable. I go to the Legion Pearl if i need something to roll a little more from straighter. Both are great options in my bag !!

  11. Thanks Luis! Love the Reality Check and it’s my first ball out and can move left and play through a regular transition. My go to is an IQ tour with a stronger layout which I can play just about anywhere, especially when transition is totally burned.

  12. I’m a low-rev lefty that isn’t bowling enough to see transition, but my Phaze 4 keeps it smooooth. I am typically starting with my C300 Savage or my Nova, then move to the P4.

  13. I start with the Gem. Then i go to my RsT x3 for my transition. I love switching from the Gem to the X3 it gives me that extra kick i need when the Gem doesn’t jump off the lane anymore

  14. Like you said for the lanes you were on that day P5 gave you the most room, and the most consistent hits. I’ve been using the Hustle USA as my transition ball, but I feel I wait way to long to make changes. I’m using the RST X2 on the Fresh but there are times I leave to many 10 pins. What are you Favorite 3 on a Typical Greah House shot. I absolutely value your opinion. I’m actually very intrigued by the Zen U

  15. By far, the shape of the Reality Check looks awesome to me. I’d love to hear your thoughts on where something like the Night Road fits (or doesn’t) in here. My Night Road is what I use as my transitional ball after my Zen starts to get a little too strong.

    1. I’m thinking the Fate will fit a similar role but you’ll be able to get into it much sooner than you can the night road!

  16. Having watched so many of your videos. Watching this, my take away is the phaze V was the best looking, cleaner and stronger strikes. Your videos is why I bought one. And it’s been my first outta bag and almost all they through game 3. My benchmark go to for sure. High rev high speed 2hander

  17. Interesting. I’m falling apart in my final game in league. I use the UC3. Working great the first two games then disaster. I thought I could switch to my old original rubicon but it didn’t hook at all from the left. Looks like the phase V might be what I need. I’m a thumbless one hander 16-17mph

  18. I use the 900 Global Dark Moss as my transion ball. I got it on Super Bowl weekend and loved it as the lane transioned and bowled better on my last two games compared on my first two games.

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