These Are Our FAVORITE Bowling Balls Of All Time And Why!

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The Storm !Q Tour Solid and the Storm Hyroad Pearl are some of the most popular bowling balls of all time and they are our favorites! todays video we will be showing you why that is!

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45 Comments on “These Are Our FAVORITE Bowling Balls Of All Time And Why!”

  1. IQ tour solid for me. It is amazing the size of the window I have with this ball. I tend to miss right and solids don’t typically make it back…accept the IQ tour solid. It holds reasonably well on misses in. Furthermore, it is versatile, can throw straight or move 20 boards and still find the shape I am looking for.

  2. For me personally it’s the phaze ll. The diversity of this bowling ball is remarkable. I can play right and up the boards on the fresh, and I can move 30-40 boards left once the lanes break down and it still makes the corner. I can always go to this ball whenever I can’t find good ball motion in a tournament.

    1. Phaze 2 is tied for my #2 with the Zen. When we get surprised with more volume or flatter lanes than expected, phaze 2 is my go to.

  3. Mine is the wolverine dark moss. My fitter recommended this one to me to diversify my mostly asymmetric arsenal. It has so much backend action and is decently strong for a symmetric ball.

    I’ve had my best scratch game and scratch series with it. 265 and 699 respectively. If it starts to lose its reaction as the months go by, I may get a second one.

    1. Pearl symmetricals, with them having weaker cover stocks compared to asymmetrical covers, tend to have more backend due to the weaker cover

  4. Just started bowling this year but my favorite bowling ball soo far is the Night Road. Bowled my highest game in league 266 n highest series 677.

  5. iQ Fusion! I got my first 600 with it and almost got to 700 if I’d had better carry the 2nd game. Then I got a 700 with an IQTS a few years later. This year, my high series is 672 with an IQNP. Hard to pick between the three, but the Fusion was my first serious ball and it elevated my game by itself. I have slower speed and throw 14lb, and the iQ RG is 2.54 at 14, so I think everything combined with that later roll makes that core match up to me really well.

  6. Mine personally is the Axiom Pearl! Multiple 300’s and 2 800’s series. Had almost back to back weeks where I shot 800 with that ball. Really smooth and would love to get my hands on a NIB one!

  7. My favorite = Storm SuperPowerPearl❣️ I’ve got a couple 300s, an 816, and many big games and mid ro upper 700 series… The ball just always felt good and when I start again, the 2001 ball will be in my bag!

  8. Great video. I would love to hear the opposite. What balls do you hate the most, or don’t pair up with you at all

  9. HyRoad Pearl. That ball has done practically everything for me. I am your typical league bowler so nothing fancy but that ball lead me to a 200 average season multiple 600 and 650 sets and the only 700 set on my record 700 on the nose a few weeks after my grandmother passed away. For me the HyRoad Pearl is just that go to ball easy to control very predictable and I just never leave for bowling without it.

  10. Had the reality last year and loved it, got the infinite physix and it’s by far my favorite ball ever. Love how I can’t move left and create shape with it but how I also can up the speed and play firm with it as well. Also have an IQ tour solid and UFO alert to round out the 4 bag arsenal.

  11. I love the hyped solid. No 300 yet, but I’ve got a 297 with it. looks similar to the !Q tour; play a little straighter, miss right and it doesn’t overhook. Miss left and it holds its line well. I got another hyped solid drilled and shot 743 out of the box

  12. My favorite ball is the iq emerald. It just felt good off hand and I knew how it was going to end up at backend if I released right

  13. My favorite ball is the og PhysiX. I was very sad when I found one of my two was cracked during this winter. Still got my other one but going to take a little bit more care of it so it doesn’t crack. Weird thing is it’s only my favorite because it is a great benchmark read for me, and I haven’t really had high scores with it, I just love the way it rolls. My Trend 2 has my first 600, and 700 series so that’s be my score favorite ball

  14. There’s a reason those are your favorites. You just relax and let them go. Chris, you definitely should drill up a new Hy-road Pearl!

  15. Absolutely love the content man, My main question for you is Do Asymmetrical balls need drilled based on axis angles or any different variables or can they be drilled the same basic way you would a symmetrical ball? Thanks!

  16. I enjoy having Chris on the channel with you. It’s nice to have 2 different styles of bowlers and insights for stuff. Nice work boys!

    Favorite ball for me is the IQ as well. I just started bowling about a year ago but have tried a decent bit of stuff. Absolutely in love with my IQ since I got it a couple months ago!

  17. The IQS was no where near my radar when I started bowling. I bought so many new and colorful balls. I ended up getting the IQTS during the TAT in September, and it has become my ultimate bail out ball during tournaments. When nothing else works, I’ll take this out of the bag to stay afloat during tough blocks. Like Luke Rosdahl says, it’s great at getting 9, but I’ll take 9 when other balls are leaving splits.

  18. Black widow dark legend. That’s the ball that got me into serious bowling and I have my personal best 279 on 3 seperate occasions with it

  19. Favorite ball for me is the Marvel-S. No matter the lane condition, that ball will always give me a motion that tells how the lanes will be performing. It was always the first ball out of my bag.

    I also have my highest series ever (814) with that ball. High game with it is 290. A close second is the Hammer Arson Pearl. I have (2) 299 with that ball and (2) 800 series with it.

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