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  1. I bowl in a senior league and it can drive me nuts when you go to bowl, get your ball off the ball return and the guy on the lane next to you takes a couple minutes to line up his shot. Just bowl damnit!

  2. Don’t roll the other balls up the ball return so you can pick yours up.
    Don’t sit there and spin your ball on the ball return and pick it up with the fingers. Use 2 hands and adjust it before you get on the approach.
    If you see the person next to you is using the full approach don’t put your foot at the last set of dots on the lane. Wait until they start their approach before you step up on yours.
    Never say “Nice Run” after they miss on x in a row. They will probably be pissed they didn’t get number 7 or 8 or 9 that saying nice run will make them mad.
    Don’t stand on the approach with ball in hand and being a statue for 45s. If you need 45s to find a place to throw the ball get your eyes checked.

  3. I kicked a guy off my team, because he would rush to get up on the approach, but then he’d stand there for 3 and half minutes. What is going on in his head that requires 3.5 minutes of standing on the approach? Does the pocket and 10 pin give him a catatonic seizure?

  4. Pace of play is huge. It shouldn’t take 3.5-4 hours to bowl 3 games. Be ready when it’s your turn. If you smoke, don’t spend 10-15 minutes between each game outside smoking. Go out, power that thing down, and get back in before your next turn.

  5. My biggest pet peeve is ball rack. I only keep the primary ball I am throwing on the ball rack. I put my spare ball bellow the ball rack on a ball cup. On our 4 person team leagues, there simply is not enough space for everyone to have 2 balls on the rack, and often times there are people with 3 or 4 .. this just totally aggravates me. I wish our bowling alley would do something about this. There are solutions to this problem that they could implement easily.

  6. The guy next to you gets a strike and then does a slow/salsa dance on the way off the lane. You have to sit there and wait for the shmuck to clear so you can bowl.

  7. This one kind of goes with the “don’t wait for your ball on the approach” rule:

    If you are using a spare ball, step down and allow the bowlers to your left and right go. Do not grab your spare ball and stand on the approach, at the ready, while your pinsetter is cycling. Let others play, too.

  8. When are bowling alleys going to be built with the ball return completely off the approach? What other sport puts an obstacle in the way of the playing field? That was okay 60 years ago when you couldn’t hook the whole lane.

    1. I too have been saying this for a while! Why make equipment or lane conditions that require us to play a part of the lane we don’t even have access to. If balls and lane conditions continue to evolve/progress then the environment should evolve and progress as well! Ball returns can be moved to the last foot or so of the approach and should be the NEW STANDARD for any bowling alley built today!

    2. I have been to a bowling alley that has the ball return in the pit( where people hang out when they are waiting to bowl or the part of the bowling alley that is the lowest) instead of being on the approach

    1. Warmup is the only opportunity to warm up the swing, and allows bowlers two opportunities to read ball movement of oil down lane if they don’t strike. Sure a strike when warmup starts is nice. But bowlers mainly use warmup to read ball reaction.

    2. @Kipp Warmup is there to do just that…warmup. The pair will get more shots in overall if everyone takes just one shot each…as long as nobody pushes the reset button to get a full set of pins 🙂

  9. Don’t be the person that the league officers need to harass to pay up. We all forget cash from time to time, most places will give you a week or two to catch back up, but you know you made the commitment, don’t punk out on the league and your teammates by trying to skip on your portion of the fees.

    1. @Brandon Leonard It is when you are predicting a strike and it is a sort of celebration where you go into other lanes

    1. There are rules for this already. applying something to the soles of the shoes is regulated. If you complain they must stop doing it.

      Rule 12 – Approaches Must Not Be Defaced
      Detracting from the possibility of other players having normal conditions is prohibited. This includes:
      a. The application of any foreign substance on any part of the approach.
      b. Improperly applying talcum powder, pumice, soap stone, rosin or any other foreign substance on the shoes causing
      the substance to be transferred to the approach.
      c. Soft rubber soles or heels that rub off on the approach.
      Commonly Asked Questions – Rule 12.
      12/1 Does the use of Easy Slide on the bottom of my shoe violate Rule 12?
      Commercial products like Easy Slide, soap stone, talcum powder or any other substance applied to the sole of a
      shoe could be in violation of Rule 12. If a participant uses a product improperly causing residue to be left on the
      approach and the normal sliding conditions of another participant to change, the bowler must discontinue the
      use of the product. If applied properly, residue should not be transferred, and the bowler can continue using the
      12/2 A bowler is using a sliding product and others are finding the approach too slippery. What should be done?
      Any bowler who finds the approach too slippery due to another bowler using a sliding product have the right to
      ask the bowler to stop using the product. If the bowler refuses, a leag

  10. Here’s mine:

    Don’t reach into the ball return area when I’m setting up on the approach. You’re not sneaky. I can see you, and it’s distracting. Please wait the extra couple of seconds for me to start moving before you reach in.

  11. excellent video, two thumbs up! I have another peeve, please, please, please DO NOT put your shoes on the table!!! Ever, never, ever put your shoes on the table. Sometimes, we eat off that table.

  12. Support your players: We cheer for everyone, always, even the teams we are technically playing against. It’s a league it’s supposed to be fun. Guy last week bowled a 300. The last four frames, you could hear a pin drop in the alley. It was awesome.
    Also as far a routine, make is a routine that doesn’t take an hour!

  13. Bowler Etiquette: if the person in front of you uses a secondary ball for their spares, take it off the rack for them. Then they don’t have to stand up there and wait for it to come back.

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