The Ultimate Bowling Ball Tier List!

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making tier list videos has always been one of my favorites! Today we are ranking the Storm Roto Grip and 900 Global bowling balls into one of 5 categories ranging from GOAT to HATE!

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46 Comments on “The Ultimate Bowling Ball Tier List!”

  1. now that u tossed the absolute and revenant where would u stick them? Just curious! I like these videos cause all the stuff you throw. it gives a good chart for people evaluating balls themselves. Good stuff and look forward to another good year of content.

    1. I have a Phaze 2 a Axiom and a Fatal Venom. It seems my even my Phaze 2 can be a bit much on a fresh house shot what storm ball would you recommend between my P2 and my Fatal Venom.

  2. I’ve lightly knocked off the shine on the Exotic and it looks a whole lot better than out the box surface.

  3. I’m with you on the Dark Code, just sold mine. It was really nice on some sport shots but absolute garbage on the house shot (for me). Hard to justify taking up space when it looks good 4 times a year. Do you think the Fate is good to counteract carry-down? I use the Wolverine DM for the first 2 games and then there’s a lovely pool of oil it just can’t make it back from. Just looking for a little stronger ball to finish and my solids are often too strong or early (Axiom and Rubicon). Shined up the Axiom a touch for this week, we’ll see how it goes. Keep up all the great videos!

    1. Also wondering about the fate and carrydown. I have the night road same cover, and its terrible with carrydown.

  4. When I changed the surface on the night road it went a duded to the nut.
    I can get that ball to work any lanes and any shot once the transition starts.
    Great video

  5. Glad to see that proton makin it higher up the list. You throw it great. It is also great shined up.
    Keep pumpin out the content!

  6. Great stuff Luis! So off this new list give us your 6 ball league arsenal in order of transition if you would.

  7. Thank you Luis for this! Was wondering when this was coming in! Curious where the two new releases would fit? When I get the $$$ together I will be ordering them via your Bowlersmart link

  8. Right now, favorite ball out right now is UC3. Just drilled a Dark Code though and it’s quickly becoming my #1. Right tool for the right job!

  9. its weird how you love certain balls but dont ever bother to drill thier counter part, hustle wine and hyped pearl are my fav balls for 2022

  10. I would love to know the feeling of not having to dip into low end performance balls. Locally and in tournaments it seems like the highest ball I can go to is a Fate/Pure PhysiX level

  11. Luis, I love videos like this and your thoughts on the different balls. One question, what software or website are you using to do this? I would love to use it to put my balls together. I will be at the Open Championship the 1st week of March and am currently putting my arsenal together and this would be helpful. Thanks, Ken

  12. My goat is the Super Nova. It’s a ball for people that need help shaping a shot. Luis bowls too good for it. The balls I wish I could get: Hustle USA and Reality solid. Luis Napoles channel is the goat of bowling channels. I’ve learned so much from watching.

  13. I have the Exotic Gem in the Love category because at our bowling alley the weaker stuff never hooks. I love the RST X3 too.

  14. The exotic gem is surprising to be in the hate category. I havent thrown one, but so many have it as their go-to ball..

  15. I am bored in 20 years and all the balls have changed dramatically. I’ve watched you ball with a lot of bowling balls and I like your style. I’m thinking about the phase 2 because I like the way it works but I’ve seen you throw the fate and the phase 5 I like the fate better what’s your opinion? and I subscribe to your channel keep it up

  16. Thanks for the list. Learned a lot. Was surprised to see the UC3 on “like” when it was “goat” last year. Funny how things change with time and new releases.

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