The ULTIMATE Benchmark Bowling Ball Comparison! Phaze 2, Idol Helios & Zen Master!

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The term "benchmark" when talking about bowling balls gets thrown around sooooo much! In todays video we will be discussing what that means and more importantly what kinds of bowling ball are benchmarks!

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46 Comments on “The ULTIMATE Benchmark Bowling Ball Comparison! Phaze 2, Idol Helios & Zen Master!”

  1. All Things PHAZE II …perfect ball for me to roll with a matched speed and rev rate very versatile, from there I go into the rest of the bag which contains a lot of 900 global MAGIC !!

  2. Nice to see the Zen Master getting some love but the Phaze II is also sweet as well! I’d like to see you throw the RST X2 again. Maybe compare some pearl balls on a burned out house shot from the night before? Maybe seeing some different lane patterns and how you would attack them and what ball you would use? Stuff like that would be cool to see!

    1. @Luis Napoles My 3 ball league bag is Zen Master, Hy-Road, RST-X2. Was going for as wide a range of reactions that I can get for 3 balls lol.

  3. I have a phaze 2 myself. And I always start off with it. However watching the video. I’d def start with the Zen Master, then transition to phaze 2 and then get into the helios. Helios is longer then phaze 2 so just my take. Great video.

    And as I’m posting this comment you just ranked the Zen master 1, phase 2, 2nd and helios later on haha

    1. @Luis Napoles I tried looking but have you done an IQ Tour nano Pearl Review? If yes or no what’s your thoughts on this ball. I lost my spectre for league and tourneys but got one in my closet but would that be a good wood lanes house shot ball.
      Right now I have
      Phaze 2- but only good first game sometimes
      Hustle RAP for transition dry

      Soon will have
      Gem- but too strong for wood maybe
      ZEN as well

      So wondering if be good after phaze 2 and zen for dry late game.

  4. Curious as to why you took it from 2000 to 4000 knowing it would get lane shine later? Was that to further separate them from the stronger balls you have? I know the Proton PhysiX and the Gem are both 2000.

  5. Literally ordering new benchmark ball this week. Great timing. Been using way too much ball for the purpose and it’s not pretty quickly… might break down and finally join the phase cult lol

  6. wow… Phaze 2 made sense, i was under the impression most people used OG ZEN as the benchmark. Cool to see the ZEN MASTER roll well for you.

    1. Zen is great ball but definitely not benchmark for me. Too strong with unreal boom on back which I hadn’t seen until this one. Hated Z M… lazy burnt up super early and rolled out unless there’s monster puddle. But I think had I wanted to make it work some surface and layout tweak and it would have been fine, just had too many close already so I sold it to team mate that it works great for.

  7. Phaze II. It’s my first ball for challenge shot league and been pretty solid in tournaments. Using it on PBA Bear next week.

  8. Recently got a motiv pride as a replacement for my og ripcord. Wow that ball matches up so well for me. After just 2 trips to the bowling alley I have a new best score. 232 -> 257

  9. Lets say a person was thinking about switching from motiv to the storm group. What ball or balls from storm, roto grip, global do you think is closes to the venom shock?

  10. Crazy that almost 7-10 with the Helios wasnt even as off target a ball as the flat 10 that ran over the 9 pin next. It was just shy of splitting the 8-9. Your hand at the bottom has improved so much. You can tell your timing is incredibly better. Good job on the hard work.

  11. Awesome video man!! Your analysis really helps me learn about all the different variables which make balls work. How about comparing a Zen Master to a surfaced Zen?

  12. Fun video Luis! Addressing the sentiment about the bowling balls you don’t like ( this video and your previous video ), and then liking them: do you think that your mechanics have gotten better allowing those balls to perform to your liking? Also, the last three throws with the phaze II, your balance at the end of the shots, were spot-on, and the shots were spot-on. Keep on keeping on Dad. 👍👊✌🖖

  13. Will be using gen master in summer league. Have thrown it once in practice and really liked how it looked but will still need to see how it performs on a house shot in the summer

  14. I ordered my phaze 2 a couple weeks ago and had the best scores from last night. For 7 games I averaged 219. Not impressive I know but still a good way to go and hopefully I can use it to average the same if not similar in regionals

  15. Luis another great video! Congratulations on your new “mini- you”.

    I have a Zen Master and Phaze II. I am looking to replace my Spectre. My symmetrical balls are HyRoad Pearl, Hustle Wine, Hustle Camo, and Burner Solid. I have asym pieces already. Don’t think I need Helios. What say you?

    1. @Luis Napoles Thank you Sir! How will that ball compare with my Omega Crux, Nuclear Cell, and Altered Reality?

  16. I currently have a Helios and the original Zen. I’ve not had a ton of success with the Helios and struggle with finding a spot for it. I end up just throwing my Zen mostly and boy that ball lives up to the hype.

  17. Hey Luis first of all congrats on your new boy!!!!
    I’ve been bowling with a Zen Master for the last 6 months and I love it, actually yesterday I got a White Hot Badger that I found was left at Amazon so I’m drilling it today, but I was wondering, have you ever tried the Pyramid bowls??? I would love to see them compared to companies like 900 global and Storm

  18. First and foremost, congratulations on the birth of your son, enjoy every moment you can. They grow up too quick. Just had my eldest daughter turn 7. You make all 3 balls look great, I hadn’t considered a zen master but certainly an option to look at.

  19. Got my Helios drilled short pin (90 x 2.25 x 45) and it seems to work great on the burn if I hook the middle of the lane but can’t carry on the fresh. Thinking about picking up another Helios and drilling a more conventional 45 x 4.5 x 45. Or maybe just try a Zen Master instead? Also thought about just taking some surface off the Helios?

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