The Two BEST Urethane Bowling Balls! Roto Grip Rubicon UC3 vs Purple Hammer! House Shot and Viper!

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This video is an in depth comparison between the two BEST urethane bowling balls on the market! The Roto Grip Rubicon UC3 and the Purple Hammer! Half the video was shot on a fresh typical house shot and the other was shot on a fresh 2021 PBA Viper Oil Pattern!

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8 Comments on “The Two BEST Urethane Bowling Balls! Roto Grip Rubicon UC3 vs Purple Hammer! House Shot and Viper!”

  1. Gotta admit the uc3 looks good but my buddies dad threw it for league the other night and was not getting it. But his booya pro did the job

  2. I’m not sure they were this close… Despite you being on similar launch angles and having similar breakpoints, UC3 seems a bit cleaner though the fronts, more aggressive in the midlane and a bit more of a hook-set motion compared to the PH. It seems to be a better urethane ball to be played like reactive, when you dont want it to read the fronts too much like you normally do with the PH. Of course, this is all conjecturing based on somebody else throwing. I’m gonna get the Uc3 and see if I see that myself.

    1. The rubicon is a little cleaner but it has a fair amount more kick downlane than the purple, the purple is closer to traditional urethane than the uc3. The both compliment each other pretty well, when the purp is a bit to slow downlane throw the rubicon and if backends are mega clean you can throw the purple

  3. I got a UC3 last night. Had the chance to throw someone else’s purple a couple times as well. Both were good. What I foubd was the UC3 was more forgiving of misses in and still carried the off hits a little better. And the Purple was more forgiving of misses out, taking a second to set up then driving through the pocket where the UC3 started to bounce immediately. Saw a similar thing watching you throw it.

    Personally, I like the UC3 a lot, but i think a Purple Hammer would go great with it as a similar look, just with a different feel and response.

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