The Two Best Pearl Bowling Balls On The Market! Ball Of The Year Race Is Getting INTENSE!

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Storm Journey & Storm Virtual Energy Blackout are up there for ball of the year and in my opinion the two best pearls we currently offer!

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44 Comments on “The Two Best Pearl Bowling Balls On The Market! Ball Of The Year Race Is Getting INTENSE!”

  1. Phaze 5 is my go too pearl/transition ball. I’m on my second one already and both are literally my go toos. So sad it got discontinued.

  2. At the moment, MY pearl go to ball is the Hustle M-M. I rolled a game 3 289 a couple weeks back with this one… Duo comes a close 2nd place with a 277… hard to decide which one is better since i can string strikes with both when it’s time… i am interested in getting the Journey and VEBO though. Kiwi Cantaloupe and Orange Pop along with my Phaze 2 would make my car trunk smell like a bakery. 😂

    1. @LuisNapoles  for sure. A couple of guys in my league have the M-M, it works well for our lane conditions. The oil tends to get all used up after 1-2 games, so folks get a little lost in game 3 sometimes. #TaylorSwiftFollowsLuisNapoles

  3. Nice video Luis. The black one always looks better. I actually like the one that would allow me to play straighter.👍👊✌🖖

  4. My goto pearl is the fate. It’s a very clean ball with a flippy medium strength core. It’s also got the cover strength to really get through the pins when there’s a lot of oil on the back ends.

  5. I’ve got a Journey coming in next Friday 11/17. First new ball since my tired Roto Grip UC2. Btw, they’re is a price to pay for Belmo’s name on the ball, but it smells great.

  6. I would have guessed that the exponent was your ball of the year. For me it’s the Eternity pi and the TNT Infused. I’ve only rolled my TNT infused three practice games and it just might be my favorite ball ever.

  7. I really like the verge pearl and even more ball is the verge solid with polish Looks sick. I have never had a ball pop so hard down lane.

  8. Hard to imagine having this discussion without considering the Zen Gold Label as being right with both the VEBO and the Journey. It’s the bomb.

  9. Just got the tnt infused but I want to try the journey out as well. I had the belmo trend ball and liked that one a lot. Phaze 5 also I’ve used a lot in my league

  10. My go to pearl this year- so far the VEBO and the Fate (technically, that came out 2022). Everything else shiny is a hybrid (Absolute, Phaze 3). I’m finally learning how to use my arsenal. Go to ball this year is Eternity Pi! The Summit (another Hybrid) is next.

  11. Ball of the Year has gotta include the Xponent, like you said. I personally have loved it and have known or heard of quite a few folks who have done amazing things with it (including Chris Barnes who won a tourney with it!). The VEBO has also got to be on the list, but also the Zen Gold Label! The ZGL is not talked about as much in recent weeks bc of the additions of both the VEBO and the Journey, but it is a BOSS ball as well. I haven’t seen the Journey personally yet, but it also looks like it will be a home run. I feel like the Xponent and ZGL are the most versatile of the group, but the VEBO and Journey are also excellent at what they do.

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