The Two BEST Balls Motiv Has EVER Made! The Venom Shock & Jackal Ghost | GOAT Status!

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The Venom Shock and the Jackal Ghost are the two best balls that Motiv has ever made hands down! For this video I drilled a fresh Shock and Ghost and compared them! hope y'all love them!
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19 Comments on “The Two BEST Balls Motiv Has EVER Made! The Venom Shock & Jackal Ghost | GOAT Status!”

  1. can you please put pictures of your ball layouts (like the actual ball with the pin & cg visible, not numbers) on the screen at least once during your videos? thanks πŸ™‚

  2. I’ve got both and I wish I could throw the Ghost more than I do because of the lane conditions here, especially in the summer, Arizona gets hot πŸ₯΅. But, if I had to pick one, it would be the Ghost.

  3. I liked them both. I have the Venom Shock. Considering buy the Jackal Ghost. How similar is the host to Jackal LE? I really like my LE.

  4. Hello Lou,I just got the shock,it hooks,the 🏜 tank,FORGE flair ,the SUPRA,. Will you think about the Legacy versus the ghost?

  5. I just got the Jackal Ghost two months ago along with the Legacy. Only have a few frames on it but man it is crazy. You’re right, goes further down the lane than the Legacy and creates more angle. Can’t believe I waited this long to get one but back when it came out I already had a proven arsenal and didn’t need it.

  6. I’ve had my Venom Shock now for about 7 years. Got it resurfaced last year since I’m sure it had over 500 games on it. Incredible piece, versatile and reliable. I will be getting another one once I get back to bowling but it is to me my second best ball ever next to the Cruel Intent.

  7. Love the venom shock that ball made me switch from storm to motiv. Just got myself a forge fire and it’s amazing last night shot back to back 255 and 259.

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