25 Comments on “The Swiss Army Knife of Bowling Balls – #RadicalRundown”

  1. My Swiss Army Knife ball is the Radical Innovator (45x4x35) .. I absolutely LOVE that ball !!! .. what a GREAT ball !!

  2. I feel like I can always take hand out of the ball or always take speed out of the ball. I think a shinyish strongish solid would be best if i could only have one ball. Am i wierd for liking shiney solids?

    1. Higher surface solids still react smoothly but they get down the lane a little bit farther. So no youre not lol, there is a place for equipment set up like this

    2. No, not weird. My go to ball is an old pink Idol, (must have 1000’s of games on it by now) 3000 surface with a bit of polish.

  3. Yes! intel was my go-to back to 2018 .. Track stealth is my go-to ball this year … 2023 maybe Rattler? just drilled it few days back didnt got chance to test it out yet

    1. How do you like the stealth? I was looking at it, it seems like it covers a load of boards for a big solid asym

  4. My go-to at this point is anything Track makes with that I-core. Have always had good success with the Paradox balls (still have a Paradox V, polished up, in my bag). Right now, the Paragon Solid is absolutely obliterating the rack every week, as long as I’m hitting my mark.

  5. Still looking for that Swiss Army Chainsaw….maybe just sell everything, get a Sneak Attack and call it a day haha

  6. Ball Question here:

    I have Ebonite The One Remix. Dunno its layout, but its layout is very angular and sharp in the backend. I tried removing the out of box finish and sanded it to 3000grit. Hoping it would use alil more energy early and have less of that sharp backend.
    Nope! lol

    The only way I can keep the ball in the pocket (right handed) is releasing it with a soft/weak hand and increase my speed!
    Ive tried it many games as out of box finish on my league nite house shot, several tournaments (sport shots and modified house shot patterns) and this thing just hooks soo much if I “put hand in the ball”. I have to stay behind it with increased speed or else it goes past Brooklyn no matter where I play the lane lol

    What surface would be ideal (overall use on lanes) for my ball? Dull like 1000grit? 2000grit? polished and shiny 5000?

    1. well lastnite I tried that ball again. Threw it in practice a few times, then decided time to try out 1000 grit surface on it.
      LOL that did not calm it down in the backend. Gonna bring it back up through the grits, 2000,3000,4000,5000 then apply 2 coats of polish to it. Should end up like 6500!!!

      Should be good for long patterns of 43 ft +++
      Ill find out in afew weeks when I bowl the tournament at Thunderbowl in allen park, Mi.

  7. I never had the original Intel solid, but do have the Pearl. It’s awesome. Also have a Rave, that I threw my first 300 with. I’ve also been using compound for years, instead of polish. I also prefer symmetric balls. Radical makes so many so called entry level balls, that perform better than most stuff on the market.

  8. Right now the Rattler is my go to ball, love it. Looking forward to marrying that to a pearl when I have to move left, however, for now it is my Rattler!

  9. Your benchmark is the kindof ball I could never make move. Like my dv8 marauder mutiny, drilled pin up. On house I couldnt cover any boards whatsoever on the fresh, where my hell raiser wheeled like crazy. I had a loaded revolver at one point too, great ball but I was throwing it from the center arrow.

    My benchmark anymore is a dv8 hellcat. Covers boards on fresh, covers boards on transition, covers a hell of a lot of boards on burn and never quits

  10. You don’t seem to want to do this,I can’t fathom why they’re forcing you to do it,you’re obviously not confortable

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