The Storm Revenant Is EVERYTHING I Have Been Waiting For!

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The all new Storm Revenant is everything I have been waiting from a bowling ball! The Spectre was one of my favorite bowling balls ever and while this isn't a Spectre it still fills the void in my arsenal!

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47 Comments on “The Storm Revenant Is EVERYTHING I Have Been Waiting For!”

    1. The beauty in bowling is that we all aren’t gonna love every ball and for me since I have WAY different ball roll than Luke I really like the look of this ball

    2. I enjoy both of your channels and look forward to seeing what both of you have to say. My style of bowling is closer to yours so I am interested in what you have to say. I’m hoping this will be a good fit between the Phaze 2 and Burner pearl.

  1. I just picked up the Fate trying to figure out if I go 4.25 or 4 1/2 in pin. This video helped out thanks again and keep up the good work Lou!

  2. I have yet to see a reactive Gloss finish on any ball that I like. When I changed my Hi-road pearl from the 4k reactive gloss to 2000 grit polish I liked it WAY better! Suspect this ball would be the same for me.

  3. If this is looking like a late game ball, I’d like to see it against the Hyped solid or pearl as a good chunk of my league throw those game 3

  4. Loved the video. I was hoping to see a little more of the Spector in it but still liked it Four in seems better on fresh while five in looked better on burn. Great video

  5. I liked the 4 in better than the 5. I agree that the 5 shined a bit more when your far left but not enough at all to have both in the bag.

  6. It may not have been the look you were after for the fresh, but the 4 inch actually looked great on the fresh. Tbh, idk how you guys have that much friction on a fresh THS, it’s nothing like what we see here in NY.

  7. Thanks for your content every week and week again. I am Interessed in a compare with a step down Ball like the Hy-Road Pearl and a step up Ball like the RST-X2 (Medium RG and shiny)

  8. Definitely keep those 4″ and 4.5″ layouts you’ve been using. Especially the 4.5″ layout on your Absolute.

  9. I would like to see you compare the Revenant to a Fate and a polished Super nova. The 4inch Revenant looked really reliable to throw out there. Looks like a great ball.

  10. When you ace it, the 5 inch motion kills. However, I think the 4 inch looks more controllable. Fate is a hard act to follow for the Revenant imho.

  11. For me, 5″ pins are better when I stay more up the back of the ball. It helps get the ball started a little sooner and keeps it from going sideways off the end of the pattern..

  12. Came for a Revenant review (I loved the Spectre), but ended up trying to see what B7 balls Marshall Kent was throwing!

  13. I love how it just glides like air and it hooks just the right amount that you need . Reminds me of how my zero gravity used to react with the erg solid cover.

    1. @Luis Napoles with my hyroad x on wood lanes it just glides because either the shiny surface or the layout that is pin under my middle finger but when I move deep I can wheel the lane and if I have to play straighter it glides. I have no clue but I love that ball .

  14. Just got to throw a revenant today it’s so smooth it reminds me of the marvel pearl it’s slightly weaker but has a unusual motion down lane it’s a great ball once you throw one it will probably go in your bag permanently

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