The Storm Phaze V Is Here And Its Not Playing Games! Two Layout Comparison!

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Today we are reviewing the all new Storm Phaze 5! This strong symmetrical pearl is well… just watch the video and find out 😉

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44 Comments on “The Storm Phaze V Is Here And Its Not Playing Games! Two Layout Comparison!”

  1. Luis, hope your feeling better!! I was in Vegas for a tournament this pass Sunday thru Wednesday at Gold Coast. Maybe next year, I can come meet you during your league night.

  2. Feel better luis.
    This ball looks great. Wouldnt mind 2 of them pin up and down.
    This seems like a good ball after my P2 once it starts reading too early.
    Good video.

    1. @Luis Napoles are you going to do a review of pin down with surface then… or vs another ball with pin down and surface…

  3. Get feeling better Luis. I really enjoyed the video, also curious to see what the pin down ball looks like with some surface. I bowled with my Hyroad and RST-X2 last night with polish and was very disappointed in the results. I basically did a 4k Fast finish with polish on top and it seemed to make the ball go way too far down the lane and very unpredictable. Would you recommend sanding the ball with 500 and 1000 and then applying polish instead? If it still doesn’t look good like that I’ll just not use polish at all, seems to be better for me.

  4. I really want a phase V now, myself I prefer more of a pin up layout just for my style just a little more aggressive downlane. The pin up is insanely smooth and rounded. You’ve just made my decision easier thank you. Towards the end the pin down was breaking hearts

  5. I don’t understand why you would like the pin down one more once you put surface on it. Surface would only make it earlier meaning rounder overall. You’re going to like the pin up one more because that’s what you wanted to see out of the ball, you wanted a skid flip type of motion. The reason you like the layout of the Marvel S is because it’s smooth and controllable. No hate just wondering what you thought the pin down one would do. Seems like it’s doing what it would do on paper.

  6. Good video Luis. I have Phaze 2 & 3 and like them both. I had the Phaze 4 and didn’t like the ball reaction for my game. It was to angular for me. I’m considering getting the Phaze 5 because you mentioned it as well as other reviewers have mentioned that Phaze 5 seems better then the 4. As the Phaze 5 is more continuous.

    1. @Luis Napoles How about 500, 2000, 4000 and the new Reacta Gloss to turn P4 to P5 and paint the ball blue.

  7. Nice video Luis. It is interesting to see, how the variant drillings behave and what they each can give you. I love that woman video bombing you: epic. Also, your seven ten pick up is the only way I’ve converted the seven ten.👍👊✌🖖

  8. I believe this is going to be a great ball. I got to throw it in a demo and I love the way it rolled when both playing straight and hooking it when going left (demo had the pin above the bridge and it’s an estimated fit not perfect. Just enough to throw it) I do agree its responsive off the friction cause I noticed that but I liked it. A couple of changes with the layout and surface and I’m in heaven. Personally for me, I would use it when the lanes start to transition or when my first choice ball starts to read early

  9. Luis!!! You made that Phaze 5 look like money!!! Your game favors the pin up—see the friction and go…but I liked the clean front and rounded motion of the pin down for my game. Thanks for putting in the work.

  10. I’m not a big fan of the Phaze 4… However, a lefty in my league bowled 2 300 games last year. The 5 looks good, I need to break out my 4 to try it out again. As far as Pearl Reactive goes, I am actually liking the Hyped.

  11. this is probably the replacement for the phaze 4 that had issues or recalls don’t wanna have balls on recall or that have had issues I like shiny balls the best mostly I used the sand balls on a flat pattern like Don Carter pattern for example being a flat pattern that I usually bowl on once a week at work of course Hy road is my all time favorite ball

  12. love the phaze V, im going to take your advise and knock that shine off cause the ball was holding on to a lot of oil after every throw. my ball is set with the pin up. thanks for all the info that you share here.

  13. I just got the Phaze V a week ago and have been able to bowl twice before tonights league games. Bowled my highest game of 267 with this ball. My previous high game was 253. I’m basically in love. Worth every dollar I spent.

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