The Storm Nova STAYS In The Bag! #shorts #bowling #letsgo #fyp

Order a Storm Nova here:

13 Comments on “The Storm Nova STAYS In The Bag! #shorts #bowling #letsgo #fyp”

    1. I will have nothing polished for the open championships. A couple at 4000 but definitely no polish

  1. What surface do you have on it? I’ve been playing around with it a little bit myself. Just curious as to what you settled with.

  2. Lou

    Want to hear your thought on this, I have the Zen master at 3k, would it be good to hit my Nova at 4K to have as a #2 to use after Zen master looses consistency?

  3. I am a 215 league average bowler. Been bowling for 40 years. I bought the Nova and used it for the last 18 games of league. I averaged 229 for those 18 games. This ball is relentless! I love it.

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