The Storm Fate And The Storm Phaze V Are Two Must Have Symmetrical Pearl Bowling Balls!

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The Storm Fate and the Storm Phaze V are storms newest symmetrical bowling balls! Today we will see how the compare to each other!

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47 Comments on “The Storm Fate And The Storm Phaze V Are Two Must Have Symmetrical Pearl Bowling Balls!”

  1. The Fate definitely looked better for you on this particular day, on this particular lane. It would be interesting to see a comparison on a little burnt condition.

  2. I have a Phase V, I’ve had it for 2 weeks now, I saw your video with the surface change using the 1 & 4000 pad, which I may try tonight. I’m going to try the Fate Friday, how would the surface changed Phase V compare?

  3. The Fate looks very interesting. So many good balls out right now. Btw, I like your videos when it’s only you bowling. Good presentations, Luis.

  4. “We’re going to start a little bit straighter…” Then your first shot is 15 out to 6 and back! πŸ˜‚
    My take on the comparison: “Fate” was just that, unavoidably superior.

  5. I just drilled up my fate today and it is much smoother than I thought. It is definitely a step up from the Zen, however, it is a step down from the night road. It fits perfectly in between them.

    1. @Luis Napoles It’s sharp, but it isn’t as sharp as I expected it to be. It’s not as early or as forward as the Zen, but it is nowhere near as sharp as the night road. I also have about 550 – 600 revs with 18 mph ball speed off of my hand.

    2. Once I officially sign, I’m going to start posting videos as well. Hopefully we can work together one day.

  6. With an arsenal of P2, prism solid, zen pin down..which would fit better.. Fate or Phaze 5? Another good video comparison.

    1. @Luis Napoles alright I can see that. For sure would be great after the P2. Thanks. Now I gotta save up for one. Haha

  7. i threw the phaze 5 and it seems to wind up slow compared to my emerald i just drilled. i like how quick it comes off the spot and revs up

    1. @Luis Napoles i agree. r2s pearl on each though. just noticing the core differences. p5 was drilled a lot stronger too

  8. What surface were on both balls and were they both pin down? Really liked the P5 w/surface video. Going to try using the Storm Reacta scuff on it as this worked great on my pin down Idol Pearl.

  9. Watched this video today, picked up my Fate tonight before league, shot my very first 300 out of box , wow

  10. maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan idk if i should get one of these now or wait for the exotic gem. you making my life decisions hard luis lol

  11. After watching this video and the Phaze 2 vs Phaze 5 comparison, I worried the Fate and the P2 might be more similar than I had initially expected. Have any thoughts on how these 2 compare to each other?
    I was considering using the Fate as a ball down from the P2, but perhaps the REX cover is strong enough that it overwhelms the core differences?

  12. I have a 3 ball arsenal that includes the Phaze 2 , UFO Alert and Trend 2. I love the Phazes in general how do you think the Phaze 5 would be something different I could add or is it overlap with what I currently have. The Trend 2 had been a ball I just havent really loved, i like it just dont love it as I hoped

  13. how would you compare the hy-road vs Fate ball? i just ordered the Fate bowling ball and hope it gonna do a little better then the hy road on fresh to medium-heavy oiled lanes

  14. Great video! My son and I watched it together. This is his 2nd year on the bowling team with his high school and he is looking into getting the Fate for Christmas. He also wants the Phaze 5, and Super Nova, and Phaze 2. He’s basically like a kid in the candy store, he has to have them all! 🀣
    Anyway the only suggestion for this video came from my son, he said he wishes that you would have put your camera lower so he can see your feet. His team goes to Regionals this January and it looks like I’ll be picking up the Fate for him for Christmas πŸŽ„

    1. @Luis Napoles thank you! He’s been practicing so hard for that first 300. He recently got a 222, if he could have picked up his spares I think he would have had a 260. So we got him a spare ball, the Storm mix which will also be under the Christmas tree this year. Between band and bowling this kid is going to make me have to sell a kidney 🀣

  15. I would love to own a phaze ball. Should I start with the phaze 2 or should I just to the 5. I have a few storm balls and I love this line.

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