The Six Motiv balls You Absolutely NEED In Your Bag!! October 2020

What's going on my YouTube fam?!? I have an updated list for you all for the top 6 Motiv balls!! I hope y'all enjoy this video as much as I enjoyed making it!! Comment down below with any questions and I promise to answer them all !!!!! #GetMOTIVated

Let me know what 6 CURRENT balls would be on your list!!

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54 Comments on “The Six Motiv balls You Absolutely NEED In Your Bag!! October 2020”

  1. Just told my PSO to order one of the Desert Tanks for me on Friday. It’ll be here tomorrow and I’m excited to throw it. Enjoying all your reviews!

    1. Cory Giretti For me the desert is WAY more versatile than the Thrill. When the gutter is hooking I have nothing better in my bag that’s forsure

    2. @MotivLou Hey Luis, so I got the Desert Tank drilled up and honestly, it’s one of the weirdest balls I’ve ever thrown. I can’t seem to get it to react the same way twice. I can throw the same shot, in the same spot and it’ll over react one shot and under react another. Is there anything you’d recommend just off the top of your head in regards to play style or surface changes? Obviously you can’t see my shots but I just can’t seem to get it down. Also you said yours used to hook more, mine barely even moves honestly and I’m worried it’ll hook even less as time goes on. I’m guessing I haven’t encountered the correct lane conditions for it as I bowl league in house shots but I can’t get it to shape on house so I’m lost on it.

    3. @Cory Giretti So for me yea it hooked way more when I first drilled it and yes its a SUPER weird ball. I think the layout on the ball could be a factor as why its so erratic for you, id recommend you taking it into your pro shop and talk to the PSO about it. Ask them what surface they recommend for the league pattern in that center. For me I bowl 2 different leagues in two different centers. On tuesday nights I keep it at 4000 and play super straight and on thursday nights I keep it at 2000 and shape it a little more. I really hope this helps you!!!

    1. Matt Cody I like that list ! But my list was only stuff that’s currently available! If it was top 6 ever my list would be a little different

  2. Great list of Motiv balls i know you like the Desert Tank because it fits your game. Last bowing season for me it was the Forge with polish it was so good I bowled with for weeks on three different leagues and shot score and won. But Villain didn’t match up with my game I gave to a youth bowler. Thanks again for quality content.

    1. Fred Baldwin see for me it was the opposite I didn’t super match up to the Forge but super matched up with the villain ! I want to put out bigger and better videos !!! #GetMOTIVated

  3. Yay the villian I just ordered the villian acorn since it’s being retired I want both villains hope they make a 3rd version of a villian

    1. Matt R I haven’t heard anything about a new villain at all. We do have some new balls coming out that looks really gooooooooood

  4. “As Always” I love watching these Motiv Ball Ranking Video’s of yours, & I want to say “Good Job” & “Keep it up”!
    Right now, the 6 top Motiv balls for me are:
    #1. The “Jackal Rising”
    #2. The “Golden Jackal”
    #3. The “Original Primal Rage”
    #4. The “Original Trident”
    #5. The “Jackal LE”
    #6. The “Raptor Talon”
    But you know that this list will change “big time” when bowling centers open up again here in California & I’m able to throw my “Alpha Jackal”, “Forge Fire” & “Vemon Shock” for the first time.

    1. Bert McGhee Jr I appreciate the kind words!! I can say with confidence that those 3 balls will be in your list !!! 1000000%

  5. Hey just a couple of things when doing some of your reviews and misc videos could you include what kind of shot you are bowling on, possibly where you are standing?

    Idea to get more likes and subscribers maybe do a contest or promotion once you reach a certain number you can give something away ??

    1. Troy Jacobs all my videos are on house shots except for the microcell vs urethane which I said was on Wolf.

  6. hey moivtlou. good intel. the venom shock #1? (i’m *shocked* 😉) one of my all-time favorite motiv balls is the venom shock pearl. what’s your opinion of the shock pearl. my favorite motiv ball is the villain scorn (stashed 3 of them); your brief overview of the scorn didn’t do it justice.

    1. Upside Down I think the venom Shock pearl was made too early. It was way to clean through the front in my opinion to throw it with polish. That ball for me at least def needed surface. I think now with how good the infusion pearl is would be a great time for a VSP. I loved the original villain but didn’t super match up with the scorn again same issue for me as the VSP I needed surface on that ball because it was so incredibly clean though the front. Going forward with this infusion pearl cover I’m really excited for Motiv pearls !

  7. The og Trident is the best ball ever made imo. Buddy and I went through many of them and tore up every local tournament with it. I think my buddy has like 6 300s with that ball.

    1. I can’t imagine a better first ball than a venom Shock!! Welcome to bowling !! If you ever need anything just ask! I have a MotivLou Facebook page that you can join if you ever have any questions you can post it there

  8. I am stepping up to 15 lb from 13 lb and I don’t know whether to get the shock or the fatal and the forge or forge fire.

  9. 1. Venom Shock Pearl, 2. Jackal Ghost, 3. Venom Shock Solid, 4. Trident Nemesis, 5. Covert Tank, 6. Jackal Flash

  10. So I want to build a three ball bag, I have a shock, as my first ball ever purchased, but looking for my second and eventually my third. I play pretty straight at the moment. Any recommendations?

  11. Just got my jackel ghost and I LOVE it! I have a golden jackel, but I’m torn between the desert tank or the jackel flash as my next ball! What are your suggestions?! I bowl in a lot of 6 game sweepers, and 2 leagues. One synthetic house other is synthetic front half and wood back half
    Thanks in advance!

    1. @MotivLou just snagged me a Desert Tank. Gonna use it on the wood lane house I roll in on Wednesday nights, excited to see how it rolls for me!

    1. That’s awesome to hear!! Welcome!! I also have a MotivLou Facebook page! It’s a super community if you’d like to join!

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