The Rematch I Have Been Looking Forward To The MOST! 900 Global Altered Reality vs Storm Dark Code!

The last time I compared these balls I deemed the Dark Code GARBAGE and even gave it away! Since then I have drilled a second Dark Code and we will see how I like these balls now! Which one do you think will be the winner!

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17 Comments on “The Rematch I Have Been Looking Forward To The MOST! 900 Global Altered Reality vs Storm Dark Code!”

    1. Got my Dark code before the change, love it . That is my go to ball. Wait what is your average??? Looking at the video you’re probably a 210 if that

  1. With all my heart thank you for recommending me the right bowling balls from storm and 900 global I really love all my bowling balls I’m bowling little better with your recommending with out your help i would be having heard time right know with my bowling game thank you so very much for helping me

  2. I am getting a dark code through exchange soon. I plan on starting with the idol Helios in league playing up 10 and then using the dark code when I need to start moving left.

  3. Hand position wasn’t great on this video. It looks like older habits coming off later and around the ball more. Even inside you have been coming off the back of the ball better lately.

    You can see your fatigue and bad habits showing through.

    Good video content. I enjoy these types of videos

    1. Having a newborn baby stresses a man just saying I was never rested with constant feeding all night long helping Mama out love the babies and good Fathers! Luis is awesome ♥️☮️

    2. @Bill Davis I would think my comment is for the algorithm and innocent criticism acknowledging the hard work he has put in on his game.

      Luis said it himself he was tired and his back was hurting. It was what I was assuming while watching because he’s looked pretty good lately.

      No harm no foul other than the one later in the video..

  4. I still hate my Dark Code. I need to do the 4000K Fast surface on it and test it out. I just think Storm missed the mark on the Dark Code plus, Storm makes their bowling balls too fast. They don’t give you enough time to test out and enjoy the balls. Anyways, thanks for another great video!

  5. Hai anna iam Nagendar Anna na age 42 Nelabarbyy.Uno qualification m.l.t medical lab technicianl ,Srpt lo jobs unte cheppagalaru anna.with govt Jobs

  6. I’m on the fence which to choose. I like strong angular and playing left. I like when you miss to see how much error room a ball has. Tells me more than throwing perfect shots all the time.

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