The PERFECT Three Arsenal For League!!!

Whats going on my Youtube fam?!? Today I have for you all what I consider to be the absolute PERFECT three ball bag for league in September of 2020!!! Let me know in the comments if you agree or disagree with this list either way is okay with me!!

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As always stay #MOTIVated

56 Comments on “The PERFECT Three Arsenal For League!!!”

    1. Jeff Clark There’s no chance of me being able to throw the Jackal Ghost on our league pattern for more than a few frames before I have to get outta the ball. I LOVE the ghost but for league I’m looking for control and consistency you know

    2. Some motiv friends have told me DO NOT SAND DOWN, your blitz’ or a desert tank, is that true?? Appreciate your videos/New and permanent fan of your videos

    3. Remington Skees I don’t know why they would have said that to you? Changing the surface if your bowling ball is the number one way to change your reaction. I sand my bowling balls allllll the time

    1. Spare ball goes on top of your three ball roller lol I didn’t include it cause no one wants to see me throwing spares for 3 minutes haha

  1. Going to different houses for leagues here is my lineup (small mixture of Motiv and Storm) pending on if I need a smooth or a bit snapper roll.

    Desert Tank
    Tank Blitz
    Venom Shock
    Phaze 3

    1. ARES That’s a great list !! All that’s missing there is a Jackal Flash !!! Most shape a Motiv ball has EVER made for me hands down !!

    2. BTW. I know it’s not Motiv but it seems like the Flash may be similar to the Phaze 3. You know what the differences may be?

    3. ARES Much bigger core in the Flash vs the phase 3 so the flash will handle the larger volumes. Phase 3 will be more angular

  2. My 3 ball bag for league are Alpha Jackal first game on Fresh. 2nd game Jackal Flash would be my second ball and Forge Fire my last💪🏿👍🏿

  3. Thanks for the video! I’m not sure I would make some of those same changes going to an Abyss for example if my Flash or Ghost didn’t work. The Abyss is a much different shape than the other two and much earlier. But I also recognize each center plays different so I get it. It’s always good to have options. For me in North Carolina, our shot plays drier from the start so I tend to bring weaker stuff that’s drilled for length and usually polished. So currently my bag in order of use for league is: Tank Blitz, Red QZ1, Blue Thrill. Occasionally I bring out stronger stuff such as a pin up Forge Fire or the same layout on my Alpha with a slight shine. But I don’t typically remove those 5 from the league lineup unless I change houses. My tournament bag is more complete I’d say.

    1. David Goes Bowling Yea house to house it’ll play different forsure. This was meant to be more of a all around 3 ball bag where you have the option to play straighter with the desert or shape it with the Flash and then chase it left with the Supra as needed

  4. So right now I have a roto grip hyper cell fused and the flash coming in I lost one of my balls over the break as It cracked. I’m wondering your opinion on what’s a good ball right now for dry lanes? Also I love the content man keep it up!!!!

    1. Austin Gonzales Really depends on HOW dry we talking about. Supra and Hydra are great light oil options. I would lean more towards the Hydra if they are on the drier side. The Pink/Yellow thrill could be another option if they are super dry

  5. My 3 are Alpha Jacka, Rogue Assassin, and Supra. I have the Tank Blitz but I switch it when I got my Supra drilled…I love the all these balls! Whatever works for you… 💕💕💕

  6. I recently just switched to Motiv. Right now I’m using the Rogue Assassin and Venom Shock. Shot 279 last night with the Venom Shock. I like the motion of the Shock. Need to find something just a little stronger with a similar motion for the first game to game and a half and then I’d be set. Any suggestions are welcome. Love the content.

    1. Chad Petersen I appreciate that !! Great game!! So the venom Recoil is pretty much a bigger venom Shock you’ll see a lot of the same characteristics as the Shock. Another great option if you want to shape the ball more would be the Ripcord Flight ! I hope this helps !!

  7. alpha jackal, desert tank, pink,yel thrill. getting my flash tomorrow so I’m sure it’ll find its way in the bag

    1. Chris Clayton Those are all great options ! I love the pink yellow thrill I just never see enough friction for it unfortunately

    2. Chris Clayton I tried it with some surface and no doubt it rolled great but there was so many better options at that point for me

  8. Nice video!!! So I’ve been looking at getting the jackal flash and desert tank but was wondering since I have a venom shock already if that could take place of the Supra?

    1. Clayton Chandler The Venom Shock is probably the best ball ever made but it can’t replace the Supra, at least the way that I use the Supra. The Shock is always going to be earlier and smoother than the Supra. With that being said if you bowl in a center that has maybe more oil in the middle then yea 100% you can use the Shock as a go to ball ! Hope this helps !!

  9. I always start with the forge fire, i bring a trident nemesis and a rouge blade with me. the blade was my first motiv ball and ive never looked back. i want to get the desert tank to finish my arsenal

    1. MotivLou it was my favorite but I’ve become very in love with the forge fire, it indeed is the house shot killer.

  10. Can you guys share few league patterns you usually use to bowl on? And also perhaps lane types as well. Thnx

  11. My Motiv 3 ball arsenal for house shots fresh, transition and burn. Shock 3000 14 2.52 .029 2.75″ x 50*, VIP 4000 2.56 .043 4″ x 30*, Supra 5500 14 2.60 .048 4″ x 30* Scott

    1. @Joshie Baseball for league I usually take a 3 ball rolling tote and a 2 ball rolling tote since Motiv doesn’t have a 1 ball Joey. That 5th ball is just a random ball that I hardly ever throw more of an emergency ball lol

  12. Ive had the fatal venom for about 3 weeks now love it for a second game ball I really like my flash for the 1st game and have great luck with swinging the venom shock solid the 3rd game

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