The Perfect Bowling League Arsenal DOES Exist!

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If my bowling league started started today these three bowling balls would 100% be in m y bag!

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22 Comments on “The Perfect Bowling League Arsenal DOES Exist!”

  1. I put together a really similar arsenal, using the 1. Idol Pro (cousin of the Phaze 2, no for real the rg and diff are .01 different) as my control piece 2. The Radical Payback for that middle game of hellish transition (similar to the duo? Poor man’s duo? Strong pearl go zip) and lastly 3. The Hustle Wine (sister of the m+m, just different color) for the burn and friction. And I have a plastic spare ball.

    TLDR we have very identical league arsenals πŸ˜‚ 5/5 stars

  2. Right now in my 4 person summer league, its Hyped Solid, Hammer pink pearl and Carbon Melee Jab. The Roto Grip Hyped solid is so good, ive rarely thrown the other 2 so far. I do have a Summit on order though

  3. I am going to try a 3 ball Storm arsenal for my 1st time ever next season: Summit (not sure how I am going to drill it), Infinite Physix, Revenant. I am guessing that the Infinite will be benchmark ball.
    Last season I was all Radical with the Informer, Trail Blazer hybrid, Conspiracy Theory (short pin). The Radical stuff works really well for me in my league, so I will dump Storm pretty quick if it looks like hot garbage.

  4. My arsenal actually you helped me pick. Hammer obsession tour for fresh black widow 2.0 hybrid for transition and a purple hammer for spares and I use it for fresh if my obsession is hooking too much.

  5. I honestly thought the Duo was really just going to be a charity ball, but it seems to be impressing folks

  6. Current bag has Reality (polished like a marble), Zen and a Hammer Web tour, plus an Ice for spares. I have been finding myself starting and finishing with the Web tour because my house shot is pretty dry. We run 3 games 4 people per team. I can see picking up a Hustle with our house conditions, because Speaking about Hustle, I would love to see a comparison of all the Hustles, with the RIP, M&M, Camo, USA, Wine!

  7. For now, I have the Hy-Road, OG Black Widow, and Hammer Arson Pearl as my 3 ball arsenal. I can usually start off with the Hy-Road, and then transition to the Black Widow due to the 4000 finish and pin down drill. Then, I have the Arson Pearl which can combat severely chewed up lanes (5 person league) without the over/under.

    I’m currently looking at the Summit or Phaze 2 to fill a huge gap in my arsenal now that I no longer have my Marvel-S.

  8. What up Luis! Love me an arsenal video. I’ve been bowling more and more tournaments but if I were to start a league again with a 3 ball arsenal it’ll look something like my UC3, the IQ Blue (overseas) and my Wolverine Mutant (overseas)

  9. We have to go just the opposite as we get oil carry down and the longer the night goes the straighter the lanes play so I go with my good old Storm Reign Supreme 15lb ( best ball out of the many I have had) and shoot 230s-250s but around the 9th frame have to change out to the new Primal Shock 15lb which I just bought a month ago and WOW does it hit!! went 826/ 3 games, with the two in our summer fun league – Dave (71 years old-lol) Note; out of the two of us it is my wife who is in our local HOF. Go figure.

  10. Great video Luis; well thought out and explained. The caveats of what ball you throw and how long you might use it, are informative and instructive to a less knowledgeable bowler, such as myself. πŸ‘πŸ‘ŠβœŒπŸ––

  11. Hey Luis! Great vid, as always.

    So, my 2-ball arsenal consist of Proton Physix (or Axiom… depending on the pair of lanes) and a Phaze II. No spare ball.

    The lanes where I bowl league are only 2 years old and they changed the oil pattern from a 40-foot typical house shot to a 38-foot modified house shot that is oiled all the way to the 3rd board. 😒

    A quick shout-out to Darren Tang for inspiring me to shoot my 10 pins with my strike ball. And also, I just don’t have a spare ball. πŸ˜…

  12. Current trio is the TNT, black venom, and revenant. I got the TNT to replace the exotic gem I used to have. The early rolling of the TNT is one of the best motions I’ve ever seen in a ball! I got the black venom as I’ve never tried motiv, and it’s an amazing stepdown. I go to the revenant when I need something long, sharp off the backend, and have some strength.

    1. I just got rid of the exotic gem also, feld like it lost its pop! Plus maple lanes is using this new heavy volume oil double from what it was!

  13. For me it’s the Summit because I like how it does on heavy oil, going to the Duo for transition and it typically gets me through the third game. However, if the lane starts to overgroove, I actually go to a Zen master. I’ve shot 290s and 299 with each ball and still waiting for that elusive 300. Because I have moderate rows and an arm that gets glitchy and starts to throw fast balls I try to find things that are aggressive, so I can counter my speed.
    I have another house where that combination becomes the gem the exotic and then the duo.

  14. I love my shinned Proton, dull Phaze II, 500 polished Ruby, box finish Duo, and recently just got ahold of a Dark PhysiX, which I’m loving at 2000. Should give me the best read on the variety of my 5 houses

  15. Great video again mate. With 4 man over 3 the lanes are going to get smashed. I,ve been having a lot of success with the Ruby IQ (surfaced) in my league mate. It handles those conditions so well. I normally am in it by the 2nd game. I’ve not thrown an m&m but they seem similar on paper spec wise.

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