The Newest Bowling Balls By Jason Belmonte Are GOOD! Journey | Fate

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The two last bowling balls by Jason Belmonte and Storm! Journey and Fate comparison!

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12 Comments on “The Newest Bowling Balls By Jason Belmonte Are GOOD! Journey | Fate”

  1. I have the Fate and I absolutely love it! The journey would be a great addition, but the price is a little too much for me.

    Edit: I just checked bowlersmart and the price is down significantly! $269.95 down to $194.95. The ball doesn’t release until Nov 17, but time will tell if the price goes back up.

  2. Would always prefer to see someone use overlay images when comparing bowling balls. Shooting a video from 15 ft behind the foul line, then watching the ball travel another 45 – 50 ft before it hooks, then trying to compare 2 different balls can be rather difficult, especially when the shots being throw are very rarely identical in these videos. Overlaying the shots leaves nothing to the imagination.

    1. Consider checking out lane side reviews. They have 3 different camera angels and use overlay, however, Rob is on the brunswick staff but scoops and Wayne will throw storm

  3. For having a line, you’d think storm would have something of all ranges and varieties. Belmo balls are know to be clean and on the flip side than smooth. They’re kind of excluding the speed dominant market.

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