The MOST Expensive Bowling Balls I Own!

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The most expensive bowling balls that I own are featured in this video! Whats too much to pay for a bowling ball? The answer is simple! Whatever someone is willing to pay for it like anything else!

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41 Comments on “The MOST Expensive Bowling Balls I Own!”

  1. Talk about a versatile ball…. that IQ pearl is nuts.

    I love the multiple angles. It really shows off the ball motion.

  2. My most expensive is the blue PBA 60 anniversary IQ tour pearl which was only available at the 2018 TOC. I paid $250 for it NIB on eBay.

  3. truth be told i would never pay over $250 for a ball! especially if its gonna see a lot of game time. If im buying a collector piece than MAYBE id stretch the price a little, but thats pushing it for me.

  4. Being guilty of owning up to 6-7 JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) releases at one time, I’ll spend it if I got it. For a discontinued hard to find release, depends on what the ball is. Right now, I’m trying to find a Defiant Soul NIB so that’s going to be a pretty penny.

    If there’s an alternative to an IQ Tour Pearl aka Emerald, I’ll get that over the gold ball to save costs.

  5. Something is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it. Personally I’m a closeout shark and usually like balls other people don’t like. Although I see the value in the expensive prices, but I’d never spend that kind of money myself 😂

  6. After Market IQ Emerald Tour is my expensive get at $210 (after tax & shipping before drilling) for a ball that retailed at $120 NIB. Also, I know you have an Emerald! Any chance of a Gold VS Emerald review? Lower angle is dope!

  7. Luis I have a question just out of curiosity, do you have room on the approach to move back at all? You slide sooo close to the foul line

  8. Question. Would you recommend polishing the zen soul to help it roll better thru medium oil house pattern

  9. Luis, So you didn’t have any question of drilling these limited addition balls? The most expensive ball that I have in my collection is the 2019 Black and Pink 20th IQ tour that Storm did for Breast Cancer that year. It is still un-drilled in the original box. Ken

  10. I’ve paid $260 for my IQ Emerald ball. But I would go as far up to maybe $350 for a ball that I really wanted. Like the alpha crux, the sun storm or that IQ gold ball. Ebay has a few of the sun storm and IQ gold balls listed for sale. For like $350 and $260. Some seller taking bids on a sun storm 15lbs nib bids at like $106 currently for the ball. But itll go up the closer the bid starts to end. But only if its worth buying at that price. I didn’t buy my IQ Emerald ball until I saw Luis video on the IQ. And then I played against a guy in my bowling league that kicked my tail using the IQ emerald ball. So had to get me that ball. Love using it. Bowled my 2nd highest game with it in league 279. So it was worth getting. Got it off the offer up app. Just put in IQ emerald. Guy in CA I think had several of them brand new for sale. Got it back in September. I just got my new Storm Absolute bowling ball. And my Revenant is on the way. Bowled a 234 in my 1st practice with the absolute ball.

    1. @Luis Napoles I still have to look into getting the IQ tour soild ball you advised me to add to my bag.

  11. I got a obsession tour that’s the most expensive I have. I dropped 160. My cap is definitely 250. My next two are gonna be the night road and black widow 2.0 hybrid. So I’m guessing the black widow is gonna be the most expensive when it comes out

  12. My exact thoughts if u have the means to buy em do it n u don’t buy em not to drill em now u can’t get the same exact ball motion with the core cover combos but I think u could buy 3 that roll kind of close for the same price so buyers discretion

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