The Future Of Urethane Bowling Balls Is HERE! Storm !Q 78 U Review!

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Blowing ball review for the all new Storm !Q 789 U. The future of urethane bowling balls is here with the new PBA Rule that mandates all urethane balls meet a 78 hardness!

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38 Comments on “The Future Of Urethane Bowling Balls Is HERE! Storm !Q 78 U Review!”

    1. Nope it won’t , why? Because they designed this ball to eliminate the typical “urethane carry down” and with the way this ball flares , it literally mimics the same as a reactive ball. The flare lines , the spread between each line is argumentatively insane for a urethane. It’s very versatile on a variety of patterns.

  1. That marble looks really good.

    I know that you can’t, but this needs to be compared to the NU, and of course the GOAT..Purple Hammer.

    1. This was not overseas at any point. Manfacturing urethane at 78 hardness served no reason to exist anywhere until the PBA rule.

    2. @dragonman910 See my answer to your question in my reply to timanders3151 … In short, yes, this ball was overseas first.

    3. @Ibpsupplyman not really. If you mean they used the same core in a urethane cover and called it an IQ, then I guess you can say that. However, it’s not the same. IQ Tour U was not manufactured with 78 hardness.

  2. Nice video Luis. That ball shape is really good! So, for clarification, were those Ten pins flat or ringing?👍👊✌🖖

  3. Could storm switch the cover stock on pitch black to the same as iq and I’d love to see this compared to sun storm

  4. Ball is gorgeous, but I don’t see this one really being a huge seller to the public…..seems like this will be more of something we’ll see on tour when it is required and the Pitch Black isn’t legal to use. Otherwise, I think most people would prefer the shape and reaction of the Pitch Black. I think they did a great job of putting that huge core to help the weak coverstock, though, and did about as good as they could at retaining what many people loved about the softer urethane covers.

  5. Great vid Lou. Now it is time to do the BIG compare. 78-U vs. Pitch Black. I am thinking and I could be wrong, Pitch will win.

    1. @Luis Napoles Is appears the IQ hooks early like the Purple Hammer.
      The new Hardness rule is only going to carry down the oil faster.

  6. Zen U is more of a hybrid but I do enjoy throwing it
    I’d love to see it on a house shot vs a zen u since that’s what I normally bowl with in league

  7. I realised with urethane the first shot is really early and 2nd shot etcetera is letting that coating of oil remain on the ball, with less hook on the back end of the lane.

  8. There’s also an overseas one, a hustle version of urethane ball. Would love to see people review that😂

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