The Drill Room – Project Two hands: Ep 2 – New Equipment and One BAD Game!

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Here is episode 2 of #PROJECTTwoHANDS from #TheDrillRoom.

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Originally aired MARCH 27, 2023

▬ Contents of this video ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

0:00 – Opening Credits
0:19 – Intro
0:35 – short pin Trail Blazer First Look
2:00 – Game 1 League
3:47 – Game 2 League
5:15 – Game 3 League
7:36 – Post League Thoughts
9:43 – Back at the Secret Lair (More breakdown from league)
14:02 – 48 Hours Later is TOO EARLY
15:50 – Gary Faulkner Expanded 2-Handed Layouts
17:18 – Updated Arsenal Construction Sheet?
20:50 – 3d Offset – Why and What Layout
23:44 – Rattler – Benchmark Layout
31:42 – League Practice
32:28 – Game 1 Practice
35:53 – Game 2 Practice
40:15 – Game 3 Practice
42:20 – Credits

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13 Comments on “The Drill Room – Project Two hands: Ep 2 – New Equipment and One BAD Game!”

  1. Audio was much better at the 41 min mark. Maybe because u took off the headset? Keep grinding bearded beast!

  2. Hey Rob! Silver level coach here. I work with two handers on a daily basis. I’m positive I could help you out. If you’re interested in getting another perspective let me know. Sure we figure something out

  3. I can only speak to what has helped me keep from muscling the swing. It also helps me with my timing. I set up with my wrist in the position I want and I set up with my right arm straight. I use my left hand to lift the ball a bit and get my right wrist into a cocked position, while still having my everything in my right arm relaxed. I try to maintain that by using my left hand to push my ball back. Once I feel my left arm has gone back as far as it can go without turning my shoulders, that is the top of my swing. I use that as my cue to push into my slide.

    The real important part though is just letting the ball drop and letting it go at the bottom of the swing. It’s super relaxed and natural and way more consistent than when I try to force my arm to a mark or try to push the ball to a certain spot or really try to yam on it at the bottom.

    There’s times all those things might be part of a necessary adjustment on a particular day, but I have been trying to eliminate all those things from normal game as much as possible and it’s really helped with my consistency and being able to score well for longer

  4. great stuff, its fun to see sombody take the same journey as myself. Every person I know who changed one to two handed, or no thumb, literally has the same issues. My biggest issue was my FUPA was getting in the way of my release lol, Im a big guy. Also being a big guy was my saving grace, my hands are big enough that I finally figured out I could throw my old shot by switching to a conventional grip and taking out my thumb and palming the ball. Most people don’t even realize I don’t use my thumb.

    1. I feel ya on the FUPA. I’m finding it challenging to get the ball around my gut and keep my arm in a good swingpath.

    1. @Lane Side Reviews I’m attempting this switch also. I’m struggling with bend at the knees and hips. I’m very ridged apparently.

  5. Can you go into your decision on how you decided you want to short pin your urethane ball? In a sport shot tournament last weekend, I used a short pin Proton Physix and was a little surprised at how much motion I was still getting downlane, and was considering a Urethane option for future sport shots, but was unsure if I should go with a normal layout and let urethane do it’s work, or also short pin the urethane. (Pink Widow as well)

    1. I didn’t short pin my urethane ball. I short pinned a resin ball. A Short Pin Reactive ball will give you a urethane look in the fronts but better hitting power and more continuation through the pins. Now that’s not to say that I WONT be short pinning some urethane. I’ve got a pink widow and a purple hammer destine to have short pin layouts.

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