The Drill Room. Episode 8! Talking PBA Rule Changes US Open, PLUS Your Questions

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Join us in tonight's episode as we talk about the quiet PBA Rule change that will completely change what people are throwing on tour! We also tackle the US Open Qualifying for round 3, plus your questions. — Watch live at

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9 Comments on “The Drill Room. Episode 8! Talking PBA Rule Changes US Open, PLUS Your Questions”

  1. I was just watching while drinking my coffee…you said Purple vs. Double XX…one being symmetric and one asymmetric. They’re both symmetric.

  2. So what happens when the PSO messes up the drilling for a new ball? Do they just scrap the ball entirely, and drill a brand new ball? I’ve seen 2 examples recently, of PBA bowlers who had to use ball plug in brand new balls to fix drilling errors (I think it was DTang and Kyle). Pretty much every good house bowler is PBA eligible these days, due to the lower requirements, and the vast majority of them aren’t on a staff of any kind. Let’s say one of those house bowlers decides to participate in a Tour event that happens to be local to them, and has a few new balls drilled up for it. The PSO gets a pitch wrong, or drills the thumb too deep for the interchangeable grip, or whatever. Who’s on the hook for that ball? Typically the PSO would just plug and re-drill it for you… but in this case, that ball is now useless for it’s intended purpose. I’m just curious as to who is going to eat the cost for that new ball? The guy just trying to bowl an event to say he did it… the PSO who may not have known he was even drilling a ball for a PBA event… the ball company under warranty (although I doubt that would be covered)… ? It’s a fringe case, I know… but most of us watching this video would fall into this scenario… good enough to get our PBA cards, and donate our entry at the local tour stop a couple times a year… but not good enough to get on a staff, or have free gear thrown at us.

  3. I would like to see a weaker urethane cover from Brunswick and Co. The Purple Hammer is too much cover for my house. The Double Cross and Pink Widow using the same (or nearly the same) cover as the Purple, means I’ll probably skip them. I picked up a U-Motion and it’s been great for me. A bit weaker, but still more than enough for my house. A U-Motion Pearl would be great. Would still love to see a lower level urethane Hammer… like a Red Pearl or Pink or Black Hammer in old school terms.

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