The Drill Room. Episode 12 – Effective Hand Positions + More Banned Urethane

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Join us on #TheDrillRoom as we talk about effective hand position for the modern game of bowling, as well as discussing the newest banning of urethane at USBC National Events.

We also check in on the WSOB and take your questions!

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▬ Contents of this video ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

0:00 – Support LaneSide!
0:06 – Intro
0:43 – Social Media Links
2:57 – WSOB Updats
14:00 – Twitch Contest and Winners
17:33 – Ban More Utethane??
30:50 – Effective Hand Positions Intro
59:19 – Extension and Extension with Rotation
1:03:47 – Neutral and Neutral with Rotation
1:07:08 – Strong and Strong with Rotation
1:22:29 – Fan Questions
1:42:42 – Outro
1:44:23 – Credits

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21 Comments on “The Drill Room. Episode 12 – Effective Hand Positions + More Banned Urethane”

    1. I agree. That would be nice to reference. I thought it was going to be in the show notes, couldn’t find it.

  1. Here’s the question again. Let’s bring up this year’s USBC Masters, as it is a USBC event. And let’s forget about the 2016/2017 Purple Hammers. Let’s instead focus on those made prior to 2020, so the 2018/2019 Purple Hammers are the focus. With the PBA’s rolling 2-year ban in play, this could mean that the PBA member at that tournament could *NOT* use a 2018/2019 Purple Hammer, while a non-PBA member (keep in mind, it’s a USBC event) *CAN* use a 2018/2019 Purple Hammer.

    Whose rules hold sway? The tournament counts as a PBA title, but is a USBC event. This would then mean that the PBA’s rolling 2-year rule conflicts with the USBC’s rule, making the non-PBA member completely legal to use his 2018/2019 Purple Hammer, while the PBA member would be stuck in limbo due to the contradiction in rules. What would they do?

    1. Technically, it’s a 3 year cycle. Its a MINIMUM of 2 years but maximum of 3. So any balls made in 2020 will be good until the end of 2023.
      As for who can use them, The Masters is run by USBC, so you can still use any urethane you want (other than the 6/7 purple). There is no 2-year rolling ban for the USBC events.

    2. @Lane Side Reviews So would the PBA member still be bound to the PBA’s rule at the Masters or US Open while the USBC member isn’t?

    3. @athlonen  they are only bound by the rules of those running the event. So if it’s not a pba event (masters) then it’s open season.

  2. Honestly all this commotion makes me want to buy a purple hammer for fun and soak it in ethyl methyl ketone like don mccune did back in the 70’s, just to see how much the hardness really matters on modern lanes…could easily get the hardness down to 40-50

  3. Rob – I am a huge fan of the channel and absolutely love The Drilling Room episodes and tonight’s hand position explanations and the relative side bars you delved into was one of the best explanations of hand positions I’ve ever heard. Can’t thank you enough for sharing the “secrets” that so many good bowlers or coaches seem unwilling to share in any real depth to help us average bowlers get better and grow the sport, especially in tournament participation. I’m not sure if you were able to figure out how to share that document you were referencing during the episode, if you were unable to do so would it be something you would be willing to share via email? Can’t wait until next weeks episode!!

  4. I have two brand new Brunswick Purple Hammers.
    The first one I bought in July of 2021. It measures 68 on my Durometer and the second one that I bought 6 months later measures 70.
    I just took these measurements as I was watching this video. I don’t know what they measured when they were new.
    But I have used them a lot and I can tell that their covers have changed significantly over that time.
    They went from looking and feeling very hard and going pretty straight, to now looking very smooth and feeling very soft and sticking to the lane like glue.
    I had to bring the surface up on both of them to 3000 grit because they started hooking way too early.
    Now at a shiny 3000 grit they roll wonderfully on house shots, even right through the oil.
    What causes these Purples to get so soft so fast?
    I have a Brunswick Grizz and Grey Rhino that are over 30 years old and they both still measure 76 and an older rubber ball that measures 90.

    As far as cheating by throwing a slightly softer Purple Hammer vs. a harder one? The difference is definitely noticeable and nice, but not huge as I noticed when my own Purples got soft.
    The real cheater balls are the resin balls which hook 10 times more than any soft urethane ball and cover a multitude of bowler’s mistakes.
    My soft Purples are barely spare balls by comparison to my resin balls. Shots that would never, ever carry with urethane blow the rack apart with resin.
    If you don’t want to cheat as Rob says, then don’t throw resin. Otherwise this whole soft urethane thing is a Red Herring.
    If resin balls would be highly illegal in the 60’s and 70’s, why are they legal now? So the whole issue of a softer Purple is just pure hypocrisy.
    If you want to return bowling to a game of skill rather than which bowler has the best tech and makes the best decisions, ban resin and urethane and return to rubber or plastic only.
    Then we would really see which pro bowlers rise to the top of the heap.
    Sean Rash said “Integrity one day.” Well, ban resin and urethane both and we might see that, otherwise the PBA and USBC are trying to strain out a gnat while swallowing a camel.

    1. What kind of Durometer did you use ? Handheld ones are very hard to use in a consistent manner. Still the fact that you yourself see such a big difference is amazing. I guess the composition of that ball, (and obviously others in these last few years) is different than the old urethanes. I recently drilled a 45 years old urethane, and i doubt it will get softer.

    2. @Bowling XP !It is a hand held digital model that I calibrated on hard glass to get a perfect 100 measurement as the manual recommends. I tested each ball in 5 different areas and got an avg. The new Purples are soft already! But the old urethane and rubber and even my plastic ball all measure as expected so I gotta trust the Purple measurements…68 and 70…

    3. @nordattack I see. I tried to use a couple, at a factory that makes them, and it was hard to press exactly the same way, and also the people there told me to take results of the handhelds just as a ballpark average. But when we need to differentiate within 1 point…i think it has to be a desktop big expensive one, that has a base that holds the ball securely and presses down in the same manner. Thanks for the info !

  5. My mom Will be get me a bowling ball radical the spy plastic spare bowling ball Thursday early noon 12:00 pm noon pick up the bowling ball march 10 2022 radical the spy 14 pound bowling ball with dynamic core technology in the bowling ball more strike and spares hitting power at time lane side review rob Johnson and Nick scoops can’t wait to throw the bowling ball radical the spy plastic spare bowling ball with dynamic core technology in the bowling ball more strike and spares hitting power at time

  6. Thank you Mr. Bearded Beast, this might just be the best tutorial on arm swing and ball release on YouTube! I cannot wait until I hit the lanes again to practice these explanations you’ve given us. Thanks Rob

  7. Referring to the “shake hands” part of the video. Years ago I was first taught to hold the ball as if you’re shaking hands throughout the swing rather than going from behind the ball around to a shaking hands position. Was told to stay behind and under the ball and point my thumb towards 1 o’clock. (Lefty) now a days I tell people it’s more of a yo yo motion as I’d watch pros like EJ Tackett in slow mo unload from his elbow through his fingers. Now that I think of it, the arm wave dance move seems to be more accurate but all the motion is in unloading the wrist. I don’t know. Kind of hard to word it exactly right for someone who asks me how to curve the ball.

    Edit: love the streams by the way! Hopefully I can catch you live one of these weeks. ✌🏻

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