The Bowling Infinity Stones! Storm !Q Tour Pearl Comparison!

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Just like Thanos went and collected the six Infinity Stones I as well collected the Storm !Q Tour Pearls (!Q Tour Pearl, !Q Tour Emerald and finally the !Q Tour Ruby) Hope y'all enjoy this video!

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42 Comments on “The Bowling Infinity Stones! Storm !Q Tour Pearl Comparison!”

  1. Forget the infinity stones. You should include some of the overseas balls on this and say you’re going after the 10 Makluan Rings!

  2. Only had the 30th Anniversary IQ and like it a lot. Really considering the Ruby and then resurfacing it 1500 compound surface.

  3. Got rid of the emerald pretty quickly. Didn’t match up with anything local. If I got to go to more out of town tourneys I’d kept it, but not needed as of current situation. So probably won’t do the ruby even though y’all making it look like a damn cheat code on these videos

  4. There’s a reason that the emerald IQ is still sought after and the gold isn’t. This ruby too early to tell yet. But when years go by and people still want a ball like they want the emerald, you know it’s a great ball.

  5. I’m selfish and would love a cosmos vs ruby or zen vs ruby comparison… if you got the time 🤣

  6. Disney lawyers on line 1! Haha, great video Luis! It had to be done. Perfectly balanced like all your other reviews…..

  7. Loved this video. I agree that ruby is number one but I am partial to the green emerald over the gold one. Never cared for the gold but loved the green. Again another great video. Question is pap important in laying out a bowling ball

  8. I think it comes down to the batch and how it’s made along with where it’s made and how much lane time it’s got prior to this video more so than the pigment, am I bias because I love the emerald dearly…..yes

  9. Why did you move so fast? The 2nd shot you threw was high flush and you tugged it a little. I would have liked to see you throwing them out to 3 from 3 or 4 left of center…

  10. Original pearl = gold/yellow (mind stone)
    Sapphire = blue (space stone)
    Nano purple = purple (power stone)
    Ruby = red (reality stone)
    Emerald = green (time stone)
    ? = orange (mind stone)

    Come on Storm…give us an orange IQ

  11. You need a forth ball, the IQ Tour Fusion. It has the same as all the other balls but it is a hybrid I believe.

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