The BEST Light Oil Bowling Ball Is This!!

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Today we are comparing the Electrify GO with the Burner pearl! IMO these are the two best light oil bowling balls but there can only be one winner!

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56 Comments on “The BEST Light Oil Bowling Ball Is This!!”

  1. If you’re having issues in your league about how the oil evaporates by the 3rd and or 4th games, you should definitely try a Brunswick Twist. It gives me amazing length even on the burnt with an even arch to the 1,3 pocket.

    1. @Joe Andreola Sorry to hear that. I like to pipe it up 3 at about 16mph. It usually just coasts into the 1,3 pocket for me. I occasionally will leave a stone 7 or 9 pin.

  2. Do both of you share the same Electrify Go and Burner Pearl? Or do both of you have your own Electrify Go and Burner Pearl?

    1. @Chris Stones. Noted. Thank you very much. I have been wanting to ask you guys about this questions since a few weeks ago because there are quite a number of videos about both of you reviewing balls together πŸ™‚.

  3. What do you think of the hy-road pearl in comparison to these two? Similar, or different slot? I throw 14lb so I’d figure they match up pretty similarly to these two with the much smaller diff that the hy-road has at 14, but I’m guessing you throw 15 or 16.

  4. Another cool review Lou. You looked a little sleepy or hung over? 😁
    My favorite all time dry lane ball is my Vintage 1987 Grey Rhino Urethane.
    This ball was designed for the lower volumes in the 80’s and once a lane breaks down a lot this ball kills like no other I have ever used! Video #141 on my channel.

    1. My fav of all time was the AMF Grey Angle,. used it up till like 5 yrs ago when l changed to 15 lbs. great lite dry oil ball. especially in the summer leagues and man did it hit like a train

  5. What I like about the Burner pearl is that it is smoother and doesn’t jump hard off the friction when the lanes are chewed up. When the house shot gets difficult, I’d rather shoot at flat 10s and blower 7s than 4-9s and big 4s.

  6. Is the burner the one with 4 k finish compared to the original one with the polish and what is the difference between the two. Thanks

    1. @Luis Napoles I read the specs on both balls and they seem the exact same is the only difference color?

  7. My goto light oil ball is the Hyroad OG, but I need something even weaker so I am very curious about this comparison. Both these look stronger than what I’m looking for. I have an old Tropical Breeze, but I think the Tropical Surge is slightly stronger than the old Tropical Breeze. I do however like the Electrify GO.

    1. I don’t know how a hyroad could be a light oil ball. Mine used to hook out of my hand! Everything works differently for different people though.

    2. @Chris Stones I have mine drilled pin down and it goes long with a nice curve into the pocket. I use when the track area is burned up and play a little inside. When the lanes are toast the Hyroad is to strong as well.

  8. very nice so the original Zen and Hyped solid are entry level balls and are they better then the tropical surges? if that is true about the zen being entry level i see a lot of PBA pro using on TV which is cool to see

    1. @Luis Napoles Thanks so i should not buy the Zen right now wait on that. My biggest problem is my weak wrist there has to be a way to get stronger so i can throw heavy balls right now i can only throw a 10 pounder

    2. bro the zen is pretty damn far from being an entry level. it uses 900 global’s second strongest cover iirc and the core is pretty strong too. hyped solid is a step above entry level.

  9. Great video Luis and Chris. The drastic differences in your games, demonstrates how different games require different balls. Thanks. πŸ‘πŸ‘ŠβœŒπŸ––

  10. Helpful hint if you want your light oil and or transition ball to move on the back end try a 45X3-3/8x 20 layout

  11. Probably has a little to do with him wearing a 900 Global shirt? The dry lane conditions are killing me, I throw a finger tip ball, and when the lanes break down, I have to work way too hard, speeding up my ball to get into the pocket. My burner was better than my widow, but I need a ball with a pearl cover stock that’s less aggressive.

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