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Today we will be fixing my bowling! Taking a look at a clip from a few years ago and realizing how broken my game has become!

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5 Comments on “The BEST Drills To Help Fix Your Bowling! No More Throwing It Bad For US!”

  1. Swings looking pretty good. Your ball role in my opinion looks much better now. You could bend more at the knee and swing more to the inside possibly. It appears your swing comes around a bit. With the wrist that only matters in the deadzone. Your swing with be looser if you use a strong wrist position rather than cupped. But if you want to increase rev rate you can load your wrist and elbow in the deadzone. Also its not a fair comparison. You were throwing the desert tank back then hahaha. Cant wait to continue seeing your progress and growth. May the carry be with you. 💪🎳

  2. I’ve always had a big problem with consistency, too. What I notice from you is you tend to get off-center a lot. What I mean is falling off to one side or just generally getting off balance. I do this, too, although my big issue is leaning back instead of staying forward, with my weight over my left foot. Your last shot in this video showed that perfectly, where some of your other shots didn’t. I think if you stay focused on finishing straight and forward, your release issues will go away. The shot from a few years ago showed this too, where the one from a few days ago you were finishing out over the ball. I could be wrong, but it’s what has helped me and I suffer from similar issues. My problem is consistently replicating the good form and good shots. There are days it just doesn’t go right and nothing I do changes that. Keep at it, you’ll get the good feelings back.

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