The BEST Bowling Ball Of 2023 Just Got Even Better!

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The best bowling ball that was released just got a huge upgrade and made it that much better!! Hope you guy enjoy this one and thank you for all the support in 2023!

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22 Comments on “The BEST Bowling Ball Of 2023 Just Got Even Better!”

  1. Luis
    Great suggestion because changing surfaces is like having 2 or 3 balls for the price of one.
    Happy New Year to You and your family

  2. Box surface is a joke, you should at least reset the surface to what the box says, because it is almost never what it actually says or is just a marble from how much polish they put on the ball

  3. I took your 1000 grit on the Camo to heart. YAHTZEE! Ice smooth arc with some kick at the end. Golden advice.

  4. So glad you put this video out just finished my 4th time throwing my Sublime in league love this ball but more times than not I’ve been dealing with it being long and a little late. Definitely changing surface starting with your recommendation of 1000/2000. Thx for all you do big things coming in 2024.

  5. I throw it OOB when it’s new; then when I get to know the ball, and see it roll with me throwing it at my usual bowling center, I change the cover to suit the conditions. Then that becomes my new baseline for that ball.

  6. Gloss is for shelf appeal not performance, unfortunately. Only thing worse than gloss is 4k fast, that got discontinued faster than the tnt.

    Would like to see summit vs sublime at the same surface

  7. How the Grinch stole Christmas!! I like that line and will use it, since I’ve been seeing the Grinch lately, he’s also an 8 pin theif!!

  8. I’m a high speed/rev 2 hander, and I am not a fan of this ball out of the box. It’s way too clean for me. Still revving at impact at times. I thought it was a layout problem after watching bowlers with similar styles throw this ball with success. I’ll hit it with surface and hopefully that does the trick. Thanks.

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