6 Comments on “The Benefits of Bowling Ball Maintenance & Cover Prep – #RadicalRundown”

  1. I have a couple of balls I do things to. Solid asym ( pin down) scruff it up a little. Hybrid asym I keep kinda clean. ( I clean them after every league night also, you know just a chemical rub down)

  2. My Quantum Evo Solid was really thankful after I scuffed it to 1000, gave me a good look on a fresh pattern. The only ball I don’t scuff up is my Purple Hammer, I like how it behaves with laneshine, and it has already well over 100 games on it.

  3. To play devil’s advocate…if lane shine begins to change the surface after just a few shots what is the point of starting off at say 1000 when you’re just going to get to 3000-5000 after less than 1 game? Doesn’t it make more sense to have the surface on the ball start off where it’s going to end up anyway? Or do I just buy 12 Crypto Books, lay them out exactly the same, and only throw each one a few frames to keep the surface close to whatever grit I sanded it to.

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