The 900 Global Burner Pearl Is A Mini Zen! New GOAT Light Oil Bowling Ball!

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The light oil category is always a tough one because a lot of times for me the balls really struggle to come around the corner. Well not the 900 Global Burner Pearl. I am seriously blown away by the performance at this price point!

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21 Comments on “The 900 Global Burner Pearl Is A Mini Zen! New GOAT Light Oil Bowling Ball!”

  1. Question, do you think Storm will ever re-release balls like the Spectre with the 4k fast?

  2. You matched up very well with that! I just got a hyped hybrid in yesterday. Also found a replacement Altered! Can’t wait to drill both this week.

  3. I like your combination of shots, and table talk. I am waiting on my pro shop’s call for my Burner Pearl to be ready to throw. I watched several videos on this and some other “weaker” balls and the BP seemed to be the best. Your video reinforces my choice to get this ball. I have a Nova, Zen Master, Phaze 2, and Axiom Pearl, and wanted a weaker ball for transition in my center. Good job, Luis.

  4. I have a Hustle Wine for the same purpose. I’m still playing with the surface to home in where I want it. Potential compare video with Burner?

  5. I have an after burner that is a bit over / under… guess this burner pearl seems to be much more versatile!

  6. It’s likely a match up of both pattern, ball and your throw… whatever is the case, your struck an incredible amount of times !

  7. Format is good. Frankly, I like all your stuff. Appreciate the work you put into this and have learned a bunch, so I’m watching whatever format you put out.

  8. Have the hyped pearl and it’s the weakest ball in my bag. I haven’t thrown the burner Pearl before but from what I can see the hyped pearl looks like it goes longer and sharper

  9. I like the Electrify Pearl in this slot (Near IQ core numbers with a weaker cover) but that Burner Pearl looks great!

  10. That ball looks great! I think you were pretty consistent with your shots, and really did match up. It was controllable. I would like to see your pin placement please, even though everyone has different numbers. I tend to drill most balls pin up to the right. I would possibly think something like a Rico drill could be good for this one, so I could hit it harder on the burn without overreacting?I’m a fan of my Wolverine, even with the controversy surrounding it.

  11. I have been watching your videos for awhile now and I would like to see at least one where you play a full game even picking up spares. Plus if you are reviewing two or more allowing us to see the scores. Just a thought but you are song a great job

  12. Absolutely love my burner pearl League ball for sure makes it nice n easy for late 2nd and 3rd game

  13. Great video Luis. I think you were throwing very well plus that ball matched up quite well with you shot.

  14. How does this compare to the hustle camo? I have the camo would these two be pretty similar in shape

  15. I like the format with more shots cuz it’s easier to get a read on the ball for me personally

  16. Please compare this to your fatal venom… I know the rugs are on opposite ends, but I think that would make it interesting. I would love to see it especially if both are at the 4K fast finish!

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