Targeting 101| Visualize and draw a straight line in bowling

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12 Comments on “Targeting 101| Visualize and draw a straight line in bowling”

  1. Wtf…so would it work for me to use my spare ball to practice these kinds of lines aim for 10 pin like you and if I pick off the 10 pin that would mean I got the line right?

    1. Try it out the next time your practice. I think you will enjoy the results. JR is doing great job of keeping things simple to explain and making you as consistent as possible. That to me is what he is getting at with the visualization if we can visualize the shot then we can use our muscle memory to make that shot and repeat.

      Short answer yes you are right.

      All coming from a crazy lefty

  2. My buddy and I just drove 4 hours 1 way yesterday from N.Y. to BowlerX in P.A. Gotta say what a great experience!!! Definitely worth the drive!! Told them watching your videos made us make the trip!! Keep up the great content!!!

  3. JR, thank you for this tip. It’s the one thing that I’ve been struggling with and need to work more on. Next time I get to the lanes I’m going to try this advice and see if I can improve the consistency of my shots 🙂

  4. When I stand on 31 and throw at the 10 pin I hit the 10 pin.
    That is my normal 10 pin spare line. Could never even hit the pocket on that line.

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